Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
The Search Begins Genkai

The scene begins with Yuusuke, with a backpack slung over his shoulders, treking through mountain trails up some stone steps. Weezing and panting, Yuusuke wondered how he got put through this rigorous task being it's his summer vacation and all. Thinking back a couple of days earlier, it turns out that his next job from Koenma is to do some undercover work. When Yuusuke asked Botan about where is it that he needed to go, his lovely assistant told him about Koenma's good friend Genkai, who is looking for a successor, it is Koenma's wish for Yuusuke to go through the test to become just that. Yuusuke wondered who Genkai is, Botan explained to him that out of the few humans Koenma knows, her Spirit power ranks in the top five. Now, she was never known to have any students, perhaps it is now her wish to find a successor to pass on her powers and knowledge.

Here Botan did a bit of thinking back herself, Koenma informed her that the power that Genkai has is one that many Youkai wish to possess. If one holds such power, he/she will have a powerful weapon at his/her disposal. Yuusuke's mission is basically making sure that Genkai's powers do not fall into the wrong hands. However, Koenma also wanted this to be a training session for Yuusuke (as if he knows what Koenma said, he will likely not undertake the task), but.... It is supposed to be a secret so Botan didn't let this little detail slip her mouth.

Botan further told Yuusuke that this particular mission is very dangerous. Out of the candidates for Genkai's powers is a Youkai by the name of Rando. This Rando has already defeated 99 Psychic fighters (much like Yuusuke) and announced that Genkai would be the 100th. He is a monster that lives on stealing others' moves, making them his own, and perform experiments on human beings. It is said that no one really know what he looks like now. If he were to learn Genkai's skills, there will be more people being sacrificed.

It seems now that Yuusuke understand the situation. But Botan was utterly surprised and steamed that Yuusuke thinks of having fun during his summer vacation being more important than saving mankind! Finally, Botan dished out the trump card.... She told Yuusuke that upon completing this mission, there will be a bonus for him.... The front row seat ticket in the Tokyo Dome of various forms of the Martial Arts from around the world! Yuusuke immediately jumped at the chance and accepted this mission.

Now, back to the wilderness, Yuusuke thought he agreed to this like an idiot. How is it Botan knows that he is a crazed fanatic of martial art tournaments? Finally, Yuusuke made it to the top of the stone steps, he immediately realized that there is a shrine-like structure and that there is a eerie yet strong Spirit energy about this place. He also recognized the sign that points him to where he needs to be. Well, he's here already, no point in turning back. Upon entering the shrine, he noticed that the number of people taking the test is in the hundreds, or even thousands.

Just when he was thinking about what others are saying about Genkai's great powers, someone called out to him in a very familiar voice. It's Kuwabara! What's he doing here!? Kuwabara explained that recently his Spirit power has been constantly increasing and he's being seeing/hearing weird spiritual sightings. It is his hope to find someone to help him cure this illness. Yuusuke was surprised that Genkai can even solve problems like this. Kuwabara informed him that Genkai is the practitioner of Reihadou, a power that can be used as a weapon and as a tool of healing. Yuusuke pretended that he knew about this, but Kuwabara wouldn't back down and wanted to show Yuusuke a thing or two. Just then, Genkai has arrived.

A pair of screen doors opened, out comes a small, aged, and seemingly fragile lady. This is the great Master Genkai? With her sharp eyes focusing on the crowd, she immediately announced the first round of testing. A drawing of lots! Everyone fell to the ground, a test of luck? Right beside Genkai is a giant ceremic pot, inside are tiny envelopes. Each one of the testers is to take one. Yuusuke thought this was just a big hoax and Genkai is just some old coot making a scam. Slowly, everyone lined up to take turns in the drawing.

Yuusuke planned to just go home as soon as he doesn't get lucky and Kuwabara wondered as he was merely here to just ask for some advice. But either way, they both drew an envelope from the pot. All of the contestants are curious as to what the envelopes hold, some even started chanting spells or sutras to help calm their nerves. After everyone has had their turn, Genkai announced everyone to open the envelopes, if there is a little red piece of paper inside, he/she will have passed the first round. Yuusuke, still not really willing to do this job, kept on hoping that he won't get the red paper. But alas, he got "lucky." But so did Kuwabara!

Genkai announced that the people who got the red papers to follow her, the rest can just go home. The truth is, Genkai specially made those papers herself. If the person who holds the paper have adequate level of Spirit energy, the paper will turn red. This is to prevent any unworthy entrants. However, two burly men didn't take this well. They both appeared behind Genkai to protest, telling her that they are both strong Psychics and she made fools out of them. Genkai told them that they are just con-men who aren't lucky. This further pissed them off and they both went after Genkai. But Genkai merely opened her eyes and gave out a battle cry that sent the two men flying many yards away, nailing them into the shrine gate. Yuusuke and Kuwabara were both amazed at how strong Genkai is. Genkai commented that she is getting old, where it used to be where she could've done the same thing just by staring at them.... She asked the others to follow her.

While the others are moving past him and Kuwabara, Yuusuke decided to use the Youkikei to find out where Rando is. But the instrument immediately went bonkers and exploded as the Youki detected went off the charts! Kuwabara asked Yuusuke what the heck he's doing. Yuusuke didn't answer.... This Rando is stronger than he thought, but where and who is he?

The crowd arrived at what looked like a giant arcade center. Genkai, now hovering over them in the rafters, assured them that the second test is for them to play video games. One curious contestant asked what this had to do with anything. Genkai replied that these are not ordinary game machines. The paper=rocks-scissors machine will test how Spirit-attuned you are, the punching machine will test how strong you can apply your spirit energy to your attacks, and finally, the karaoke machines will test your spirit energy capacity. Any one who can't pass two of the three tests will be asked to leave the shrine.

An ambitious fellow tried first at the punching machine, but ended up failing (18 points) as he didn't apply spirit energy in his punch. Kuwabara tried next and got a 129 (passed). As he was boasting to Yuusuke about his strength, Yuusuke demonstrated that he is not one to be put lightly by giving a 155 performance. Genkai took this into account at the side, believed that with some training, this kid could be trained as an exorcist. Kuwabara then challenged Yuusuke to the Janken machine for a showdown. Kuwabara was exceptional at that machine that he was able to win perfectly. Genkai believed this spritually-attuned young man is well suited to use high-level spirit tools and spells. Meanwhile, someone with green hair managed to score a 175 on the punching machine, beating the record set by Yuusuke earlier. At the karaoke machine, a bald man in a red ninja suit gave a spirit capacity output of 100 points. In the end, about 20 or so people passed the second round.

The group followed Genkai to a dark forest. The people immediately noticed the huge amount of Youki that was emitted from within. Genkai informed them that the two tests before are trivial compared to the third test. She pointed out that this is the Mashou no Mori (Dark Forest) and it has many youkai and natural obstacles. No normal human can go in and come back out alive. Genkai now directed the attention to a tall tree in a distance that is beyond this forest. If one makes it through the forest and arrive at the tree within two hours, he/she will pass the third round. A couple of contestants ran off fearing for their own safety. Genkai laughed by saying anyone somewhat spiritually-attuned will immediately detect the evil presence of this forest.

After seei ng what Genkai is capable of Yuusuke was psyched about going through, the man who beat Yuusuke in the punching machine affirmed that this is course is for people who are well-trained. Those that are afraid should just leave. Yuusuke got the feeling that this comment was somehow directed towards him, and is beginning to size this guy up, wondering whether he's really human or not. Kuwabara assured him that if Yuusuke is going in, so will he. Genkai now gave the order to start, and the group quickly rushed into the forest.

The group raced through the forest in top speed, but Genkai quickly over took them with ease and headed straight for the finish line. But not before telling them that they should use their Spiritual energy to detect which routes to take, and which to avoid. Yuusuke, not being exceptional in that department, decided to just go straight through. Kuwabara, being highly spiritually attuned, decided to take alternate routes, avoiding the dangers. Many of the others aren't so lucky, as they fell into booby traps here and there. But there are still some that managed to hold on their own.

Meanwhile, Genkai is standing there waiting at the finish line, an hour has passed and still no one showed up. But Genkai is able to detect where they are within the forest by the Reiki they emit. The closest one is only 500 yards away.... Yuusuke is still making his way through, with all the traps and beasts he faced along this path, is he going straight at all? Suddenly, he noticed a giant bat-like youkai hanging on the tree branches, who decided to swoop down for some chow.... Only 15 minutes left, Genkai noticed someone running towards her, it's Kuwabara, he is the first one that made it! He was closely followed by the red ninja as well as the green-haired man, who also made it to the finish line in time.

Inside the forest, Yuusuke put up his guards against the bat youkai who is constantly swooping in at top speed, when he decided it is time to finish Yuusuke off, Yuusuke landed a punch on him. Thinking he's just lucky, the bat swooped in for another round. But Yuusuke was able to overcome his speed and disappeared out of sight. The bat looked frantically for Yuusuke, but Yuusuke was high above the air. He delivered a crushing kick to the back of the bat. Yuusuke explained that he was just standing there to wait for the bat to dish out some killer moves. The bat tried to call this a bluff, but was immeidately proven wrong....

Again, on top of the hills at the trees, Genkai noticed that two hours have expired and only seven people managed to make it. Kuwabara was trying to tell Genkai that there should be one more and asked to wait a little longer. Genkai announced her disapproval. Just then Yuusuke ran up the hill towards them. Yuusuke commented on how he thought going straight through will be the fastest, but he ended up running into all sorts of trouble. Genkai was amazed by this as she was aware that going straight will result in meeting the bat youkai, who is supposedly a nasty opponent. Yuusuke replied that the bat is all talks as his speed is nothing compared to Hiei's, and is easily disposed of. Yuusuke laughed, but Kuwabara brought him back to reality by telling him he went over time.

Genkai smiled, and told them that she'll make an exception just this once. Yuusuke and Kuwabara were both happy and they hugged, but immediately realized what they were doing and faced off against the each other. Koenma is observing this whole process, he beckoned Yuusuke not to forget his mission, and that is, to find Rando and foil his plans.