Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
The Three Eyes of Hiei

On the rooftop of a storehouse at the docks, Hiei uses the red-beaming Jagan - evil eye - on the center of his brow, commenting on how Gouki and Kurama loss. Saying that Gouki does not have what it really takes and Kurama lets his feelings take lead. He takes out the Kouma no Ken, and the narrator explains that the touch of its blade will poison the body, turning people in low class youkai, demons. Hiei vows to recover the Gaki Dama and the Ankoku Kyou and he says that he will recover all of the Ankoku no Takara, but also kill the Reikai Tantei Yuusuke Urameshi. He jumps and swings the sword, and then he vanishes in the air.

At the school's roof in the morning, Yuusuke tells Botan that the wounds he got from fighting Gouki disappeared in four days; he compliments her for her healing abilities. He also asks her why she's wearing the school uniform if she doesn't study there but she only responds that being in her true clothes would be suspicious, and asks if she looks cute. But Yuusuke only mutters about her vanity.

Botan comments on how Kurama has changed, becoming another person altogether. Yusuke remembers he has only 3 days to recover the third Treasure, and asks her the name of the last thief, Hiei, who is cruel, ruthless and cunning, the most dangerous of the three thieves in this case.

Suddenly Keiko shows up on the roof, looking for Yusuke; Botan hides behind Yusuke. Keiko is furious that Yuusuke is the only one that hasn’t passed the homework, and that Takenaka is furious. Yuusuke replies that he's been busy, and Botan adds that having extracurricular activities isn't easy. Yuusuke chides her for appearing before Keiko, but Botan shrugs it off and takes Keiko's hands in hers, and speaks of Keiko’s troubled life and experiences during Yuusuke’s unfortunate false demise. Keiko stares at Botan in shock, and Yuusuke whacks Botan’s head. Yuusuke says that Keiko doesn’t know about Botan and that she is just blowing everything up for Yuusuke. Abashed, Botan immediately leaves.

Keiko asks who that girl was, but Yuusuke says it's a long story and someday he'll tell her. Keiko reacts icily, saying she doesn't care at all, neither is she interested in his story. She goes back inside, and Yusuke runs after her, trying to explain.

Hiei watches this whole scene from a distant rooftop, using the Jagan. A tiny demon perched on his shoulder tells him that that is Keiko Yukimura, Yusuke's classmate and childhood friend. Hiei says he'll have lots of fun with her and Yuusuke.

Keiko walks back home, brooding about Yusuke and Botan, and passes by Hiei, who's standing on the sidewalk. He calls her by the name, and when she turns, he hits her with a sword swing.

The Youki Kei on Yusuke's wrist starts to beep, and he runs out of the class, leaving Takenaka shouting at him.

As Yusuke runs towards the signal's source, Botan catches up with him. He tells her that the enemy must be a mile or so away. She warns him to be careful, because Hiei is dangerous. Botan claims that through her telepathy, she heard Hiei saying that Keiko is with him and if Yuusuke surrenders all of the treasures, she will be spared.

Yuusuke and Botan arrive at the docks and enter one of the storehouses, where they find themselves surrounded by dozens of zombie-like humans. Botan tells Yuusuke that those are normal people being manipulated, and only a Jaganshi would be able to control so many people at the same time.

Hiei appears and confirms her assumption. His Jagan is open, and he carries the shining Kouma no Ken. He indicates Keiko, who is unconscious, being held up by the zombie-like humans. Yuusuke gives Hiei the two other treasures and Keiko is released.

Yuusuke and Botan run to check on Keiko. Hiei holds the Gaki Dama and Ankoku Kyou at the same time murmuring that his plan didn’t go exactly well, but he will still use the treasures to take over Reikai. But now that Keiko is free, Yuusuke doesn't hesitate in challenging Hiei. He runs towards the thief and punches him... but hits only air.

At first Yuusuke thinks Hiei has disappeared, but the demon is standing right behind him, and boastfully demonstrates how he can move so fast, by moving around the room, and he creates the optical illusion by vanishing leaving only a dark blur.

Hiei warns him that he didn't let Keiko go unharmed, and suggests that they take a look at the girl's brow. There's a horizontal cut on its center, opening slowly. Yuusuke unpleasantly responds, but Hiei informs that once the eye opens, Keiko will be his slave, a weak youkai slave.

Botan uses her powers to keep the eye shut. But the force of the Jagan is too much for her; if she keeps fighting it for too long, Botan will lose her ki and die.

Hiei says that the antidote that can save Keiko is in the hilt of the Kouma no Ken, and challenges Yuusuke to come and get it. Enraged, Yusuke hastily jumps in the air and punches Hiei's face.

The youkai can't believe a human can move fast enough to hit him, he says that Yuusuke increases in fighting ability when a loved one is in danger. He runs around Urameshi, trying to confuse him with his quick-moving blurry images, moving around Yuusuke and taunting him at the same time; but when he attacks, Yuusuke knows exactly where he's coming from and punches him again. Hiei crashes on the boxes, and dropping all the three Treasures.

Yuusuke mocks him by saying that Hiei is only talk and no action. Hiei undresses his cloak and says that he has never used this technique against a human. To Yuusuke's surprise, the demon's skin turns green, and lots of evil eyes pop up all over his body. The transformation increases the power of the eye opening in Keiko's brow - Botan's hand begins to bleed, and she knows she won't be able to hold up for long now.

Hiei says that soon Keiko will become a demon, but Yuusuke need not worry for he will be dead by then. Hiei jumps and socks Yusuke, who has no time to react. Clearly, Hiei has become faster.

From outside the storeroom, a pair of leg runs. It is Kurama! He arrives at the docks, sensing the incredible energy Hiei is emanating, by transforming into his Jagan youkai form. (Some call it Garuda)

In the storehouse, Yuusuke is levitating, paralyzed by energy bonds tying his body. Hiei uses telekinesis to lift Yuusuke higher and then throws him harshly to the ground. Using the same power, Hiei makes the Kouma no Ken fly to his hand, he praises Yuusuke’s honor and skill, but he shall kill him. Yuusuke closes his eyes when Hiei moves to stab the sword through him, but the blade stops before reaching its goal.

He opens his eyes to see that Kurama has stepped in the way, receiving the strike meant to him. The sword has cut right through Kurama's body, causing a horrible wound. But Kurama grabs the blade and pulls it even deeper in his belly, catching a good handful of blood gushing from the wound and tossing it on Hiei's Jagan.

With the third eye momentarily blinded, Yuusuke's bonds disappear. Kurama explains that the multiple eyes work as amplifiers, but the Jagan on the forehead emits the real power. Yuusuke is concerned about the wound, but Kurama dismisses his worry and comments that this is Yuusuke’s chance to defeat Hiei. And he also says that he will help Botan take care of Keiko’s situation.

The Jagan is swollen and half-closed; Hiei is enraged against Kurama’s treachery. But it's Yuusuke who answers the challenge, a thin ki aura forming around his body. Realizing Urameshi's power, that the harder the battle becomes the more powerful he gets. Hiei attacks and hits Yuusuke’s face. Yuusuke tries to hit back, but Hiei dodges, blurring out of the way. For a moment they keep attacking and dodging in a fast hand-to-hand combat, and none of them gets to hit the other. But at last Hiei manages to score another punch, and Yuusuke becomes vulnerable to the subsequent blows. Hiei is getting the upper hand.

Yuusuke is thrown against a wall and falls on the ground. When he stands up, he sees something shining behind Hiei. He runs to the side. Hiei thinks he's trying to escape and runs after him, taunting him again. At some point Yuusuke stops, turns, charges his finger and fires the Reigan. Hiei is surprised, but manages to dodge. Yuusuke falls on his knees, exhausted after the shot. Hiei taunts again about the pathetic marksmanship.

All of a sudden, a burst of energy hits Hiei hard in the back. Wondering who attacked him, he turns and sees the Ankoku Kyou shattered, leaning against some boxes. Hiei amazed, comments that Yuusuke calculated the precise angle of reflection from the mirror to hit Hiei. He shifts back to his normal form, without the green skin and eyes. Hiei passes out, muttering against Yuusuke's cleverness.

Yuusuke gives Keiko the antidote from the sword’s hilt, and the third eye on her brow closes and vanishes. He thanks Kurama and ask if he's all right. Kurama smiles and says that no vital organ is hit, so he is fine.

Botan asks how Yuusuke knew that the Mirror could reflect the Reigan, and the Tantei confesses that... he didn't. He says that accidentally the mirror went into place and he takes the shot hoping it will reflect to Hiei’s rear. He also admits that he had no idea of what he would do if the trick hadn't worked.

Kurama giggles. Commenting that Yuusuke isn’t that clever at all, just plain lucky. Yuusuke didn’t like the comment, and gives out words against Kurama.

The following morning, on the school's roof. Yuusuke somewhat congratulates himself on his job, and asks about Koenma’s situation. Botan tells him that King Enma found out about the robbery after all, since the Mirror was broken and the Sword is rusted because of blood. But since the Treasures were recovered, Koenma only got a "light" punishment: a hundred spanks. Yuusuke finds that hilarious, and imagines the toddler Koenma being spanked in the butt by a demon looking creature.

Keiko shows up, sees the two together and goes away, very angry. Yuusuke winces; he forgot to give her any explanation. He runs after her yelling and still tries to explain, Botan on the matter says that Keiko is Yuusuke’s hardest challenge.