Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Gouki and Kurama Mrs. Minamino

As we left off last time, our hero is now in big trouble, he can't fire his Reigan as he used it already that day teaching Iwamoto a lesson. As Gouki hulking slowly approaches, Yuusuke is helpless. Gouki is still upset that Yuusuke disturbed his meal time. Wanting to take his life, Gouki threw a punch, which Yuusuke didn't completely dodge. After commenting how fragile humans are, Gouki soon delivered a swift kick that sent Yuusuke flying towards a tree and followed up with a massive shoulder charge. Gouki now has Yuusuke by the necks and is now ready to squeeze the life out of him. As Yuusuke is about to lose consciousness, a voice became audible. A little spirit floats by, asking them (Yuusuke and Gouki) to play, this soon attracted many more wandering spirits. Yuusuke seems to recognize this voice some how.... Disturbed, Gouki let go of Yuusuke but warned him never come near to their human forms ever again if he values his life. The image of Gouki's monstrous figure and the playful laughters from the Spirits fade out as Yuusuke lost his consciousness.

Next morning.... Yuusuke awoke with a jolt and patched wounds in several places. But realized he is now sitting on his bed in his own room. Atsuko comes in, noticed that Yuusuke is awake and swiftly gave him a knock on the noggin to remind him not to make her worry as he was just came back to life and started crying like usual again. Yuusuke is again put into the role of calming his didn't seem to care but now seemingly over sensitive mother. But who was it that saved Yuusuke last night? As he was pondering about the answer, Botan showed up in casual wear. Atsuko explained that she was the one that brought him back last night. So it was Botan that saved him.... Upon leaving the room, Atsuko asks Yuusuke to properly introduce this fine young lady to her later. Yuusuke and Botan both frowned.

As Atsuko is busying herself in the kitchen, Yuusuke asked Botan how she was able to find where he was. Botan quickly presented him Reikai Tantei's Tool #2, the Youkikei, which acts like a watch-like compass. When a youkai's energy is detected, the needle will point to show the distance and the direction of where that youkai is as well as measure its power. Yuusuke took the band, realized that Gouki is no average goon and he doesn't stand much of a chance to defeat him. Botan informed him that the other two are even stronger than Gouki is and that Yuusuke is time-pressed to get this job done in a week. Both seemed rather clueless as to what to do. Koenma, monitoring their progress on in the Reikai Cam, urged them to hurry up, as if and when Enma Daioh returns and the three artifacts aren't there.... It'll be the end of the world!

Atsuko was watching the news where the newscaster reported 4 more children fainted and went into comatose for reasons unknown. Realizing this is Gouki's handywork again.... Yuusuke asked Botan how long it'll take for Gouki to digest the devoured souls. Botan replied that it'll only take one day for that to happen. Yuusuke is now evermore determined to defeat this monster despite his current condition. Though he claims he can't full comprehend it, but he feels that the swallowed souls are faced with even more hardships than those that are from the dead. To receive the fate of being swallowed even as a spirit is just too trageic.

Looking down at his index finger, Yuusuke realized he can now fire his Reigan again today and the outcome will definltely be different from yesturday. Botan nodded and presented him with Reikai Tantei's Tool #3: The Reigeki Ringu, which has the ability to augment the power of Reigan several folds. However, Botan warned Yuusuke that using this ring will drain a large amount of Spirit Power and completely exhaust him. So this could be considered as the absolute last attack. Yuusuke nodded in affirmative and activated the Youkikei.... Moments later, Atsuko brought some tea to Yuusuke's room, only to realize the room is empty.

Out in the wilderness, a strange greenish ball dropped in front of a little girl. The Gaki Tama! Being sweet and courteous, the little girl picked up the ball and returned it to the tall man towering over her. Gouki "thanked" her by using the Gaki Tama to absorb her Spirit to add to his growing collection. The little girl fell to the ground as Gouki gave a sinister grin. Suddenly Yuusuke showed up to ask him to return what isn't rightfully his. Gouki was surprised to see Yuusuke again despite his warning last night. Yuusuke responded by saying that his brain has never been really sharp.

A seemingly repeat of yesturday's scene is commenced as Gouki now once again transformed himself into the hulking behemoth that he was. Yuusuke took the offensive by giving him a punch in the abs. But was promptly thrown backwards as it seems he has just hit solid steel! Gouki replied that his body is tough as steel and nothing can penetrate it. Now Gouki is on the attack by punching through a tree trunk. Yuusuke fell to the ground, with part of the broken tree trunk fell right next to him. Using it as a stake, Yuusuke attempted to drive the tree trunk's sharp end straight through Gouki. But it was futile as his body is just too tough. Picking up the tree trunk along with Yuusuke still holding onto it, Gouki tossed them aside.

Yuusuke looked at his bruised knuckles. Realized his only chance will have to be the Reigan powered by the Reigeiki Ring on his finger. But thinking back to what Botan have said, it seems that Reigan most likely won't be too affective even if Yuusuke manages to hit Gouki's body with it. So it'll have to be somewhere close to his eyes, shoot him at close range! But Gouki didn't let him think too much further and gave him a kick in his midsection to sent him flying again. Gouki then proceed to stomp Yuusuke's fallen body repeatedly. Botan tries to save Yuusuke by throwing a piece of log at Gouki. But the log just broke apart into splinters when hit. Yuusuke asked Botan to run. Realizing he's got someone else here, Gouki quickly blocked Botan's escape route and have her running back to Yuusuke.

Now with his prize at hand, he picked up Yuusuke by the head and opened his jaws in attempt to swallow our hero whole! But at that instant, his mouth is now stuck and propped open with a piece of log by Yuusuke, who explained that he is just bidding his time and waiting for this chance to get up close to him. So if shooting his body won't work, how about into the mouth!?!? Without any further delays, Yuusuke powered his Reigan and shot it stright through Gouki's mouth. Gouki immediately fell over and the spirits that he once swallowed all return to their original owners. The Gaki Tama is now at hand, but Yuusuke is now worn out. How will he recover the other two artifacts in his condition?

In the limelights of the night, Yuusuke now has to use a crutch to get him around places and wouldn't let Botan help him. Suddenly, the Youkikei beeped in warning. One of the other two youkai is close by, real close. Yuusuke looked around.... But he really can't fight in his current state. What should he do? As the crowd thins, Yuusuke looked to see that the one he detected is Kurama, who is also looking straight at him. With those pale green eyes and lonely expression, Kurama walked in front of the defensive Yuusuke and Botan. As he did, his voice passed through to Yuusuke. Kurama asked him not to be too worried, he doesn't plan on fighting nor does he plan on running. But he has a request.... He asked that Yuusuke to just wait for three days. After that, he'll promise to return the Ankoku Kyou.

At Yuusuke's house, Yuusuke asked Botan to be more gentle when tending his wounds. Botan believes that Kurama cannot be trusted as why would he give so much information to them. She went on to explain that the moon will be full in three days and that is when the Ankoku Kyou's power will be at maximum. The artifact's use can project the user's innermost wish and fulfill it. But granting the wish will require a sacrifice of something unknown. Botan believes that Kurama is using these three days to figure out exactly what needs to be sacrificed. Yuusuke thought for a bit, but replied that Kurama doesn't have to tell them about the mirror as he deep down doesn't feel Kurama is a really evil person. Botan dismissed the idea, but Yuusuke informed her that Kurama's heart wasn't with the others when he first found them at that forest. Yuusuke now believes that Kurama isn't reall trying to trick him. Atsuko suddenly popped into the scene, asking Botan to join them for dinner. Yuusuke countered by telling her they are discussing serious matters. This got Atsuko started, she asked Yuusuke "exactly" what it is they are talking about that his mother can't know? The argument went on.... Meanwhile, Kurama is seen outside looking into Yuusuke's apartment from a the rooftop of a building across the street....

On the last day, Botan once again donned her kimono and boarded her oar. She will be going to ask Koenma about the Ankoku Kyou. She wants Yuusuke to stay put until she comes back with more information. Yuusuke agreed.... But still walked toward Kurama's direction. Yuusuke realized that he is now standing in front of the Citizen's Hospital and Kurama is waiting for him there. They arrived at the sick bed of a lady going by the surname Minamino. She sat up as soon as seeing Kurama and Yuusuke entering into the room. To Yuusuke's surprise, Kurama calls this lady his mother and asked her to eat more and get more rest. The lady was delighted that "Shuichi" brought a friend along, which was a rare occurence. They are talking like mother and son. What's going on?

The sun is setting. At the hospital rooftop, Kurama revealed that Shuichi is his name in the human world. Mrs. Minamino is not his real mother. The father passed away a long time ago. For 15 years, he has kept his true identity secret from them in order to be raised. Yuusuke is still confused. Kurama went on to reveal that his true identity is a Youko, or a demon fox who has survived for hundreds of years. He has since become a fox with spirit energy and became a thief that breaks open sealed safes and treasure chests. But one day 15 years ago he was seriously wounded by an expert hunter. He took spirit form to escape into the human world and entered the body of Mrs. Minamino.

He originally planned to just become the son of the Minamino couple, wait for 10 years until his power regains and just disappear. Yuusuke asked why he decided to.... Kurama continued by saying that his adopted mother became ill and cannot recover. Just then, the other two showed up in front of him, asking him to join them in stealing the 3 artifacts of Reikai with them. He remembered what the Ankoku Kyou can do.... Kurama wanted to use the power of the Ankoku Kyou to save her life. Afterwards, he'll gladly submit to the judgment of Enma Daioh. Yuusuke was in shock, why would a youkai want to do such a thing for a human?

Kurama replied that he really doesn't know the real reason. But one thing is for certain, she tended to raising him, watching him grow up without realizing his true nature. But still she cared for him wholeheartedly. When she got sick, he wanted to repay her for her kindness. Yuusuke asked why Kurama is telling him this. Kurama smiled and revealed that he hasn't told anyone this story, but he feels that Yuusuke can be trusted. All of a sudden, the door to the roof swung open, a nurse ran out calling Shuichi to tell him that his mother's condition has gotten worse and even the doctor is not certain if she'll make it past tonight.

Night falls, and the moon is now fully lit. Kurama has decided that using the Ankoku Kyou is the only way to save her. Yuusuke asked if Kurama knows that there's a sacrifice that comes with using the artifact and whether Kurama knows what it is. Kurama replied that it's the sacrifice of life. At the same time, Botan heard the same thing from Koenma. It appears that upon granting the wish, the life of the user has to be sacrificed to the artifact. Botan quickly ran out to try to warn Yuusuke about this. Koenma can only wonder if she'll make it in time.

Back on the roof, Kurama called forth the power of the Ankoku Kyou to grant his wish. The artifact projected the image of Mrs. Minamino and asked Kurama if her entire livelihood and happiness is his wish, to which Kurama gave an affirmative without a second thought. Yuusuke told Kurama cautioned Kurama about his decision. What would the point be if she gets saved and he dies? Kurama replied that this is the only way to save his mother. The Ankoku Kyou further asked whether Kurama is willing to give up his own life for this, again Kurama agreed. The artifact agrred and then powered up, taking Kurama's energy from his outextended hand.

Kurama felt his life being drained out of him as he bid farewell to his mother. Seeing this, Yuusuke can't take it any more and stretched out his hand in front of the artifact and asked for his energy to be drained as well. Kurama asked what Yuusuke is doing. Yuusuke, thinking back to his own death scene, when Atsuko was crying her eyes out for him, told Kurama that seeing a mother crying in pain over her child's death is something that is just too tragic and unbearable. The artifact made a final power up, and launched a bright pillar of light skyward, covering both Yuusuke and Kurama. Botan caught a sight of this, called out to Yuusuke and races towards them light column.

Yuusuke and Kurama lie motionless on the roof. Suddenly, Kurama stirred.... He is still alive, but how? What about his mother? Kurama raced away to find his answers. Botan soon arrived on scene. But Yuusuke isn't moving. Slowly, Yuusuke got up, surprised that he is still alive because he just rushed into the ritual without thinking and it still gives him the chills when thinking about it. Finally, he realized that Botan is there looking at him with an unbelieving facial expression. But at any rate, the Ankoku Kyou is recovered now. Meanwhile, the nurse told Shuichi that his mother has made it past the crucial period. The doctor said it was a miracle. Not only did she make it, it seems like she's on her way to a full recovery. Kurama is overjoyed at the outcome as he tightly held onto his mother's hands.

Back on the roof, Botan was glad that this matter resolved as a happy end. She complimented Yuusuke on his job well done for having recovered two of the artifacts in such a short period of time. Yuusuke was happy too. As the two laughed, Koenma, looking through his monitor shook his head as Yuusuke doesn't seem to realize the prowless of the one who stole the Kouma no Ken, the one called Hiei.