Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Three Monsters Kurama, Hiei, and Gouki
Japanese Episode Title
Sambiki no Youkai! Hiei, Kurama, Gouki
(Three Demon Thieves! Hiei, Kurama, Gouki)

In the Reikai Daihisou Kan (Spirit World Great Building), three thieves are present, while a big brute in green shirt breaks the head of an oni. And according to the narrator, these thieves has stolen the Ankoku no Takara (Black Treasures).

In the Urameshi’s new apartment, Atsuko wakes up her son, Yuusuke, in tears. She is still devastated because of his recent death and resurrection, and is afraid he might fall asleep and never wake up. She also mentions of having sights of Yuusuke dying and never coming back. While Yuusuke on this matter, only comments that it is too early to be awake.

Two boys walk towards Sarayashiki High School; one of them shows the other a dragon carving on a pen that was made especially for him. The other comments that if Yuusuke were alive, he sure would want to steal that pen. With this the owner of the pen responds that Yuusuke will probably beat him up for the pen.

Yuusuke suddenly comes from behind the two and greets them with a hug, action of friendliness. Thinking he is a ghost, the boys run away. Yuusuke is uneasy about it, but Keiko comes from behind and reminds him that most people do not know he is alive yet, and to back it up, they also does not desire him being back.

Yuusuke remembers the kiss and feels uncomfortable next to Keiko, but all she does is act as if nothing happened and also chides him for he is about to be late for school. Yuusuke bitterly concludes nothing has changed between them in any way.

At the school front yard, everyone is startled by Yuusuke's return; no one comes to greet him. Keiko shrugs and speaks, "They never liked you very much before." Yuusuke begins to regret having to come back, until Kuwabara arrives with a contented smile and challenges Yuusuke for a new fight, a fight that will settle their old ones once and for all. Okubo nudges Kuwabara and suggest that he thank Yuusuke for saving Eikichi, but Kuwabara claims that after the fight then he will thank Yuusuke.

Yuusuke smiles. Now he's sure nothing has changed at all. He immediately gets a soft slap on the head from Mr. Takenaka, who says that they will be late for class if he does not hurry up.

Mr. Iwamoto watches Yuusuke's return from a distant window, and decides he is going to find a way to expel the boy from school.

Yuusuke sits by the roof of a building; he skips gym class and goes off relaxing. He finds a small lens in his pocket and remembers being given the magical tool by Botan, during the middle of the night. She tells him the lens is one of the seven objects a Reikai Tantei can use in his work. It allows him to see through walls, to find things that are hidden. He tries to use it to look at Botan (through her kimono), and receives an oar attack on his head for the impudence. Yuusuke replies moodily that he is not interested in that detective job, and Botan snorts that she will tell Koenma to put Yuusuke back into the spirit world. Clearly Yuusuke has no choice in the matter. Back to the present, Yuusuke takes a nap on the roof.

Showing people in a classroom, the guy with the dragon-craved pen claims to be losing the said pen. While others add to the dilemma that they also lost something. When Yuusuke goes back to his classroom, his classmates are suspecting of Yuusuke being the culprit. They take action and accuse Yuusuke, the only one who was not present during gym class. Keiko tries to defend him; Suddenly Mr. Iwamoto comes in and asks what the trouble is.

In the teachers' office, Iwamoto punches Yuusuke, refusing to listen to the boy's claim of innocence. Mr. Takenaka less sure of Yuusuke's guilt asks Iwamoto if he has any proof. Iwamoto says that he has thought of the incidents, and that during Yuusuke’s absence at school, there are no cases of stealing. He also says that Atsuko, Yuusuke’s mother, begged so Yuusuke would be allowed to continue his studies at Sarayashiki, then facing Yuusuke, he says that Yuusuke might have inherited his mother’s bad character.

Yuusuke is furious at the man’s statement. Furious for speaking ill of his mother’s character, he prepares to punch Iwamoto, who is actually looking forward it; it's the perfect opportunity to expel Yuusuke from school.

However, before anything, Koenma arrives paralyzing Iwamoto and Takenaka so they cannot see him. He is frantic, and tells Yuusuke that three demons stole the Reikai Treasures and has escaped to Ningenkai. Yuusuke's orders are to go after the thieves, but Yuusuke argues that he has to solve his own problem first. Koenma tells him to use the magic lens (Reitou Lens) to see inside Iwamoto's pocket. Inside, Yuusuke sees the dragon-carved pen and all the other objects.

Koenma "unparalyzes" the teachers, and Yuusuke grabs the pen from Iwamoto's pocket, showing it to Takenaka. Iwamoto leaves the room, abashed and claiming it was Yuusuke who put the objects in his pocket; Takenaka follows him, demanding an explanation. At the same time trying to get some clearing in the current actions of the teacher.

Yuusuke is still angry to let go, and claims to beat Iwamoto up. Koenma disagrees and suggests that he take his revenge discreetly by using his new power, the Rei Gan (Spirit Gun): It is a concentration of Reiki (Human spirit energy) being discharged in a powerful shot from his right index finger. So Koenma tells Yuusuke to focus his ki to his right index, in a sec, his finger starts to glow. Koenma instructs to aim it at a target, and think of it as a gun and trigger it to shoot. As Yuusuke clicks it, a beam of blue light shoots out. With this he knocks Iwamoto down, by hitting the back of Iwamoto’s head, without being noticed by either of the two teachers; but Koenma warns him that he can only shoot the Reigan once a day, and to gain more shots and power, Yuusuke has to train spiritually.

Koenma describes the Reikai Treasures: the Kouma no Ken (Shadow Sword), which can turn humans into demons; Ankoku Kyou (Forlorn Mirror?), which summons the energy of Evil in the full moon nights; and the Gaki Dama (Orb of Gaast), which absorbs souls of people, children for the most. With these objects, the three thieves have the power to conquer Ningenkai.

Yuusuke sighs, claiming that he has no choice, since he is resurrected, he has to work for humanity’s safety. He patrols the streets, looking for the thieves. But because of the lack of information, Yuusuke decides to lie down in a bench and think. When he is about to give up, he overhears people shouting about a kid, and he finds a small crowd surrounding a little boy who has passed out. Having some eerie feelings about it, Yuusuke jostles the crowd and sees the kid's soul leaving the body.

He remembers what Koenma told him about the Gaki Ball, so he follows the soul by the streets to a dead-end alley full of mean-looking guys. Yuusuke wonders which of them is the demon thief, until he "sees" five horns in one guy's brow, a guy wearing a green shirt. Using the magic lens, he sees the Gaki Ball in the guy's pocket. But soon after, this said man decides to leave, walking around another corner.

Yuusuke about to follow is distracted by the other men trying to mug him. They pick a fight with Yuusuke, who beats them up easily, but the demon thief took advantage of the distraction to disappear.

At Reikai, an oni informs Koenma of the identities of the thieves: Kurama, a red-haired guy (somewhat looks like female), no criminal antecedents, and has supernatural agility. Hiei, has black spiked-hair, no account of previous crime, unknown character, does not measure consequences to get to his goal. Gouki, a crude, but tough looking man. Twelve crimes registered, huge supernatural power, eats human souls, and killed several chasers.

Koenma claims it to be a great combination of people and will post trouble for them.

Botan suddenly barges in Koenma's office by walking through the wall, complaining that these three are too dangerous for Yuusuke. Koenma says that his intention is preparing Yuusuke gradually, starting with small cases, but now there is no time for a smooth training; Yuusuke has one week to retrieve the Ankoku no Takara before Enma-daiou comes back from his trip. Koenma claims that these treasures are one of the few things Enma-daiou secures and he will be beyond reason if this incident is never solved. Koenma and Botan shiver at the idea of the dreadful things King Enma is likely to do in his anger, such as causing earthquakes in Ningenkai or even erupting the Mount Fuji. Botan decides to warn Yuusuke about this deadline, since it will decide Ningenkai’s fate, and also decides to help Yuusuke.

In Ningenkai, Yuusuke gets to a park. It starts to rain. At a distance, he sees a supernatural blue light.

Hiei is swinging the Kouma no Ken, cutting tree trunks that are briefly turned into demons and after a short time returns to being a piece of wood. He and Gouki make plans of using the treasures to take over the Human World. They plan to create a huge amount of demon soldiers, while at the same time aiding in acquiring souls for Gouki. Hiei, responds that they only need a full moon to use the Ankoku Kyou, but Kurama tells them he is leaving the group. Hiei is furious, shouting that Kurama has gotten soft and has dwelled too long in the human world. Gouki demands that Kurama return the Ankoku Kyou. Kurama claims that he needs it too much to let go of it, Gouki is about to punch Kurama to get the mirror when Yuusuke arrives in the scene. He introduces himself as a Reikai Tantei, demanding the return of the Treasures.

Kurama simply walks away saying that he cannot be captured yet. Hiei follows him trying to clear up the things in Kurama’s mind. Yuusuke is pissed with the two demons' "lack of manners,” but Gouki stays to face him, claiming to be more “respectful.” Gouki takes a soul from the Gaki Dama, which Yuusuke recognizes as the boy’s soul, Gouki eats the soul.

Yuusuke kicks his stomach, following it with a punch into the face, and Gouki coughs the soul out. The soul flies away back to the kid and Yuusuke picks up the Gaki Dama, thinking the problem is solved. But Gouki is back on his feet again, he claims that Yuusuke is a formidable human, and he turns into his true aspect: a muscular five-horned sharp-fanged brown-skinned demon. Besides from this, he also is very buff.

Yuusuke is shocked. Their fight starts and Gouki is clearly the stronger of the two, he gives quite some beating into Yuusuke’s face and body. Before long, Yuusuke falls into the wet grass, the Gaki Dama falls a short distance from him, when he remembers his power the Reigan. From afar, Gouki starts to pick up an entire tree. Yuusuke tries to focus his power but to no use, he suddenly remembers that he used his Reigan against Iwamoto and now he is in a very bad situation, in a situation where death might be his only exit.