Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Yusuke's Back Sakamoto and Eikichi
Japanese Episode Title
Yuusuke Fukkatsu! Aratanaru Shimei
(Yuusuke Resurrected! The New Mission)

Yuusuke was thrilled that he finally got the chance to be alive again. But that was sort of short-lived as Koenma didn't really give him the details on how to do it. Yuusuke went off and complained about this. Botan said Koenma is a really busy person. Being on a short fuse, Yuusuke then told Botan that Koenma is just a toddler who tells big lies and that he should learn to keep promises. That is, until Koenma showed up right behind Yuusuke "apologizing" for being a toddler. Yuusuke was surprised of course, and not being one who would back down from even a deity, wanted to run his mouth some more. Botan quickly covered Yuusuke's mouth, asking whether Koenma knows when Yuusuke can be resurrected. Koenma replied that is pretty much what he is here for and that this matter has to be taken quickly. Yuusuke and Botan were puzzled by this. But Koenma just asked Yuusuke to come along with Botan following closely behind.

The three arrived at Yuusuke's apartment. Atsuko was pretty plastered as usual. Yuusuke asked Koenma whether he could be revived now. Koenma explained to him that a body and a spirit both have certain waves and on the days the two waves are on different lengths, Yuusuke cannot be revived. However, the day when the two waves match in length will be tomorrow. Yuusuke is happy and thrilled by the news, but Koenma asked him to not be so happy so fast. He pointed out that Yuusuke's wavelength is much, much longer than ordinary people, if the chance is missed, it will take a long time for it to work again. Yuusuke paused, asking whether it'll be about one month later if he missed tomorrow. Koenma replied by saying it'll be 50 years! It is then very clear that Yuusuke cannot miss tomorrow's chance.

However, in order for this to work, someone has to transfer the energy of life into his body. Koenma stated that the process is done by through mouth to mouth in the form of a kiss. Yuusuke jumped at this, Koenma responded casually that this is the resurrection ritual, nothing to be surprised about. Koenma then used his powers to place some spiritual energy into Yuusuke's body in order to open the gateway between Yuusuke's body and spirit. Starting the next morning, Yuusuke's body will start to illuminate. Yuusuke now has to tell three people who sincerely wants him alive about performing the resurrection process within the next 24 hours in the form of dreams.

As Yuusuke was contemplating about his candidates, Atsuko ran out of alcohol and decided head out for some more. So obviously telling her is out of the question. Yuusuke wondered about the other two people closest to him, now one of them is Keiko, the other one is....!?!? At the same time, Kuwabara sprang wide-awake from a nightmare. In it, he was with the sleeping Yuusuke in a colorful world, and as heavenly music played and with eyes closed, his lips met with that of Yuusuke's (that part was partially censored). The next morning, Keiko showed up at Yuusuke's place as usual, she too had Yuusuke talk to her in her dreams about the revival process, but wasn't too sure if that was true as Yuusuke's body didn't really illuminate like he said so she thought that was just an ordinary dream. As she looked at Yuusuke's lips, she blushed and ran off to school. Unknowingly to her, it turns out that Yuusuke's feet that was covered under the comforter is already illuminated with spiritual energy. At school, while sitting in class, Keiko realized that Kuwabara didn't show up and she was going to ask him about the dream she had of Yuusuke. Suddenly the class door opened with Mr. Takenaka (Headmaster) asking whether Keiko is present. Keiko stood up to the call, only to learn that her mother has fainted.

It is now 5:30 in the afternoon. At the City Hospital, it turns out that Keiko's mother fainted due to exhaustion and having caught a cold. Keiko insisted on staying by her mother's side until she wakes up. Outside the window, Botan was commenting on how unfortunate this is as her illness isn't really anything major compared to Yuusuke's situation but Yuusuke was being very understanding about it. Koenma showed up to inform them that the body is now totally illuminated with Spiritual Energy. So what about the other two people?

Yuusuke and Botan found Kuwabara playing video game at the local arcades. Yuusuke begged Kuwabara to realize the seriousness of the matter and will even swallow his pride to allow the kiss. But Kuwabara is too occupied with the video game that he isn't even thinking about it. Yuusuke finally decide to punch through to him. This caught Kuwabara's attention for sure as it sent a chill down his spine. Yuusuke's hope of wanting Kuwabara to realize his presence was dashed when he put off the chilly feeling and head for the restroom. Next comes Atsuko, who is still drinking at a local bar with a couple of cross-dressers. Since she's completely into drinking, Yuusuke's plea to her didn't do much good. The solution to the problem still involves getting Keiko out of the hospital.

However, realizing that Keiko doesn't have a Spiritual Sense like Kuwabara does, Yuusuke is now in a jam. Koenma showed up to tell them that it is now 11:45PM. Suddenly realizing an idea, Botan asked Yuusuke not to give up so fast and quickly flew off, leaving Yuusuke puzzled as to what she's up to. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Keiko looks at her watch that shows it's 11:50PM. Suddenly, she heard her mother mumble something, sounded like Yuusuke's name. Upon listening in closer, it seems like her mother is telling her to go to Yuusuke's place, telling her that if she doesn't deliver the kiss by 12 o'clock, Yuusuke cannot come back alive.

11:55PM, Koenma and Yuusuke are outside the apartment. Koenma asks what Yuusuke will do if this doesn't go through. Yuusuke, feeling that the situation seemed pretty hopeless and that it is impossible to ask Keiko to wait another 50 years for him, he'll just give in that case. Suddenly, Yuusuke saw Keiko running towards his apartment. Botan joins the two quickly afterwards, telling them that she transmitted the message to Keiko through Keiko's mother's unconscious mind. Keiko head for the elevator, but it takes too much time so she quickly head for the stairs. It is now 11:57. Keiko finally made it to Yuusuke's door, but she can't find the keys through her book bag.... 11:58. Koenma felt it is already too late, Keiko finally found the keys to open the door, threw off her shoes, and managed to make it to Yuusuke's room to see Yuusuke's illuminating body as the clock struck 12. Soon Yuusuke’s body starts to stop illuminating.

Not wanting to lose him again, Keiko called out to Yuusuke as she rushes towards him. Yuusuke, seeing this, called out to her as well as he flies towards his room.... Keiko's lips met with Yuusuke's and Koenma's watch reads 12:01. Keiko, with tears in her eyes, begged Yuusuke to come back to life. But the light that once surrounded Yuusuke slowly fades away and silence was all there was. Believing it to be too late, Keiko cried out Yuusuke's name and started bawling uncontrollably. Koenma believed all was lost, but Botan noticed something strange, where is...?

Back in Yuusuke's room, Keiko is still sobbing. But she heard some stirring and looked up at Yuusuke again. Just then, a miracle occurred and Yuusuke's eyes slowly opened. Sitting up, he turned towards Keiko and greeted her. With tears of joy, Keiko called out to Yuusuke rushed forward and held onto him tightly. Botan was relieved that Keiko made it in time and Yuusuke's ordeal has now ended. Koenma, on the other hand disapproves of what Botan said and told her that Yuusuke's life from now on is only going to get tougher, even more so than when he was still a spirit.

Morning comes and Yuusuke is now out walking in the streets, enjoying being back life again. He was approached by two hoodlums asking him for his money. Realizing that those two can actually see and talk to him, Yuusuke was very emotionally moved and thanked one of the guy by shaking his hand and walked on. One of the guys wanted throw a punch at him, but the other guy quickly stopped him, thinking that Yuusuke is a mental case and getting involved may be troublesome. As Yuusuke kept on walking, a hooded female fortuneteller called him in a dark alley. Seeing what she wants, Yuusuke approached her. She starts to look into her crystal ball, telling him that he just came back from a harsh place and that he has some special mission waiting for him. Not wanting to shock this lady about what he had to go through or even get tangled up with anything else mysterious, Yuusuke put on a pair of sunglasses and walked away.

Decided to go grab a cup of coffee, Yuusuke head for the coffee shop. Before entering, two students from Yuusuke's high school walked out talking about a rumor involving a group of students from the Kasanegabuchi Junior High School wanting to take Kuwabara under their control. Upon entering the shop, it seems to Yuusuke that the Kasanegabuchi guys have toughened up while he was asleep and that judging from the looks of the seating, a guy with glasses sitting in the middle of the group seemed to be the leader. However, it seems this guy have.... Horns? Yuusuke thought it was just his mind playing tricks on him.

Finally, the guys started asking Glasses (Sakamoto) whether he will really listen to what they say. Glasses assured them that he would as he has hostage on hand. As proof, he contacted Kuwabara and his friends and want them to steal some comic books and bring them to him. Yuusuke does not believe that Kuwabara would stoop so low as to actually steal something. The door swung open and Kuwabara showed up with his buddies. Kuwabara asking where Eikichi is. Glasses asked him to calm down and give him the stolen goods to which Kuwabara did by tossing a bunch of comic books on the table, much to Yuusuke's surprise. However, it turns out that Kuwabara bought these comics instead of stealing them as Glasses found the receipt. He then asked Kuwabara to kneel and apologize for not following orders. Yuusuke was again surprised that Kuwabara actually did what was said and why he would go through so much just for this Eikichi? The Kasanegabuchi guys laughed at this and one of them took out a little cat from a brown bag and held it in his hand by the neck, asking Kuwabara whether this cat is really "that" important to him. Kuwabara cried out "Eikichi!"

Yuusuke fell over.... Eikichi is a cat!?!? While the others teased Kuwabara, his buddies revealed that Kuwabara is really not one to submit to others easily; this is only because that Kuwabara loves cats, especially this Eikichi. Finally, they decided to take care of their business outside. In an empty backyard, Glasses asked Kuwabara to beat up his own buddies. Kuwabara hesitated, Glasses decided to give him a little "encouragement" by asking one of his lackies to threaten Eikichi with a broken wine bottle. Kuwabara's friends asked that Kuwabara to just take it out on them as they can take it as long as Eikichi is all right and that once that's over, it'll be payback time.

All of a sudden, a punch is thrown, but this one landed on the guy holding Eikichi hostage. Eikichi flies skyward, and someone went up and caught him in his arms. It's Yuusuke! All of the people can't believe their eyes as he was supposed to be dead. Yuusuke made quick work out of another guy there. Kuwabara, seeing this as their chance for payback, asked his buddies to release their anger on the hoodlums. Yuusuke handed Eikichi back to Kuwabara and went after Glasses, who ran off after seeing the tides have turned against him.

Upon catching up with Glasses at an underpass, Yuusuke delivered a punch that knocked him out cold. But Yuusuke saw something crawl out of his mouth. A tiny little demon creature. The demon tried to escape, but Yuusuke caught a hold of it. The demon was surprised that a mere human can see him, catch him and even understands what it says. Puzzled at exactly what he has caught, the fortune teller from before showed up indicating that the demon, Jaki, is a wanted criminal in the Spirit World and it has committed various crimes. These demons enter into humans' bodies when they are ill and use their inner evil to take control of their actions. She further explained that Yuusuke has done well in his mission even before she told him about it, a fitting trait of being a Reikai Tantei (Spirit Detective). Yuusuke was confused and asked just what is she talking about and who she really is. A familiar voice spoke up, and it's Botan!

Koenma's voice spoke up and Yuusuke and Botan ran out to see his image in the sky, Koenma appointed Yuusuke Urameshi as the Spirit World Detective, helping solve cases such as the one today and it is his obligation to accept this job. Botan on the other hand, will be Yuusuke's assistant and be his contact with the Spirit World and inform him of further jobs. Having said that, Koenma disappeared. Botan then took the demon from Yuusuke's hand and disappeared soon after to take it into custody. What kind of trouble has Yuusuke caught himself into by coming back to life?