Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Requirements for Lovers Sayaka
Japanese Episode Title
Atsuki Honoo! Koibito no Kizuna
(Flame Break! Bond of Lovers)

Yuusuke and Botan talk about the situation at hand. Yuusuke comments that Koenma has the definite chance to use him in any way, while he waits for the spirit egg to hatch. And Yuusuke starts to bad mouth Koenma, Botan immediately hushes Yuusuke saying that Koenma's people besides from Botan might hear him.

Suddenly a new entity arrives. An inspector arrives, a little girl in blue dress, her name is Sayaka. She is sent by Koenma to investigate if the people who know Yuusuke truly wish for his return. Sayaka states that that's a very important condition for Yuusuke's resurrection.

Sayaka starts to examine Yuusuke's "girlfriend" or Keiko, which Yuusuke immediately denies having anything to do with Keiko. She sees that Keiko is an excellent person, smart, athletic, kind and gentle. Along with Yuusuke and Botan, she watches as a cute/handsome boy in the school asks Keiko to be his girlfriend; Keiko refuses claiming to have another person in mind already. Yuusuke is somewhat shocked and relieved, but fakes indifference before a teasing and giggling Botan.

After school, Keiko goes to Urameshi's house. Atsuko is not at home and has left a message to Keiko to take care of her son. In Yuusuke's room, Keiko sees his body lying on a mattress like bed, covered by dust, surrounded by beer cans, books and trash. Sayaka concludes that Atsuko is a completely undependable and irresponsible mother, which Yuusuke immediately agrees.

Suddenly books and a bowl falls on Yuusuke's face. Instantly Keiko cleans Yuusuke's face and an action rushes to her, she leans to kiss him. Yuusuke panics at the sight shouting at Keiko's action, but Sayaka says that its an opportunity to see the truth in Keiko's feelings.

The sound of an announcement from a car outside startles Keiko. It's broadcasting a warning for the population to be cautious with fire, since the weather is dry and many houses in the neighborhood have already been burned down. Embarrassed for what she was about to do, Keiko gets up and leaves the house. Sayaka concludes that Keiko and Yuusuke are still unsure of their feelings.

Soon after, an unknown man (his face is never seen) shows up carrying a can with a cloth as a wick. He ignites the wick and throws the can through the window of Urameshi's house. In the middle of the trash scattered by the whole house, the flames spread quickly, threatening Yuusuke's body and the entire house. Yuusuke panics and tries to wake his physical body by punching it, but it is no use. Botan flies to call Kuwabara for help. Yuusuke and Sayaka stays to watch the house burn down.

A few blocks away, Keiko sees the smoke, recognizing the vicinity as close to Urameshi's house. She runs back to the house, trying to save Yuusuke.

Botan finds Kuwabara practicing his punches against a bag with Yuusuke's face drawn on it. Since he cannot hear her voice, she runs her hand through his body to call his attention. Feeling an icy shiver run down his spine, he looks up and sees the smoke and decides that he must go to that neighborhood.

A crowd surround the house, people tries to stop the flames by throwing buckets of water into the house and Keiko has to struggle her way into the house, as people stop and prevent her. She wets herself by pouring a bucket of water over herself, for protection from the heat and fire. Inside, the fire is growing fast, and it's already burning Yuusuke's bedcovers. Yuusuke shouts that Keiko should just leave and save herself, but Sayaka tells Yuusuke that without his physical body, he cannot be revived. Yuusuke counter-comments that if Keiko is dead there is no point for him to be alive. Sayaka is shocked. Keiko gets rid of the covers, wraps Yuusuke's body in the sheets and tries to drag him out, but the flames have already grown and are blocking the exit.

Botan is back, and Yuusuke begs her for help, but she claims that she has done everything she can, and she cannot do anything for this one. Sayaka tells there is a way, but Yuusuke might not like it. Yuusuke says he will do anything to save her. Sayaka says that the energy of the spirit egg he's carrying will be able to open a path through the fire, so Keiko can escape; but the energy of the egg would be completely wasted, so he'll lose his only chance of resurrecting.

Kuwabara arrives and one of his gang tells him that Keiko is inside. Kuwabara remembers her as the girl he has encountered a lot these past days, and comments about her being Yuusuke's friend.

Back inside the house, Yuusuke hesitates for a thought about the egg, but immediately throws the egg into the fire. The flames turn blue and seemingly cold, and a path is opened between Keiko and the doorway, through which Kuwabara appears. He helps Keiko carrying her burden outside. Kuwabara asks her about the blanketed item, and a gasp in shock when he sees what is inside the wrapping sheets is the body of his late rival, Urameshi Yuusuke.

Before the fire trucks and police arrive, Kuwabara pulls Keiko away from the scene, fleeing from the area. Yuusuke comments that Kuwabara holding Keiko's hand is not allowable and he should stop it. Botan tells Yuusuke that chances are he has to let her go now. Without the egg, Yuusuke can never be revived, and it'll all be a lot harder now that before.

Later at night, Atsuko apologizes to Keiko for the trouble. The girl's hair was partially burned in the fire, and now she has a shorter hair cut. Kuwabara is extremely happy, now that he knows Yuusuke's body is still alive, and that his rival will eventually come back to fight with him again... Atsuko hopes her son will be back soon.

The ethereal Yuusuke, very depressed, watch them from above, knowing that now that he lost the egg, he'll never live again. He shouts that Atsuko, Keiko and Kuwabara must forget about him and live their lives. Angered and depressed with the scene, he tells Botan to send him to heaven or hell or wherever he should be sentenced.

However, a huge image of Koenma appears in the sky and says that, since Yuusuke sacrificed himself for Keiko, he will be granted the chance to be resurrected again claiming that the Yuusuke, who threw the egg did not have any doubt nor hesitation when he threw it. Koenma comments again that Yuusuke might have some use for him after all, when everything is set, Yuusuke will know.

Yuusuke dances around with Botan and is sure damn happy about it.