Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men Mr. Asaki and Okubo
Japanese Episode Title
Kuwabara: Otoko no Chikai (Kuwabara: A Manís Promise)

It starts out that Kuwabara helps Keiko from getting harassed by some of the other students (3 Students) of other schools. And Yuusuke is delighted by the incident.

Kuwabara and his friends are reprehended by the teacher with rabbit teeth (Mr. Asaki or something) who threatens to cancel Kuwabara's friend, Okubo's license to work if any of the four boys gets into another fight in the next two weeks. Since Okubo's family depends on his work, Kuwabara agrees to the deal.

In his way back home, the the students that Kuwabara beat up ambush Kuwabara, who tries to escape to keep his part on the deal. But when he hears the robbers calling him a coward, he changes his mind and comes back, telling the students that they can beat him all they want. He won't run or fight back. The teacher, who had followed Kuwabara, watches the scene in awaiting from a distance, but is disappointed that Kuwabara does not fight back. Yuusuke and Botan are just as shocked, watching Kuwabara being cowardly beaten by the three students.

The day after the teacher adds an addition to the deal: Kuwabara and his friends must all do at least 50% in the next test. None of them are bright students, but the worse is Kuwabara who only got 7% in the last test, while Yuusuke scores higher with a sensational 12%!!!

But Kuwabara has lots of enemies. In the library, as he looked for books to study, a group of them appears. Again Kuwabara refuses to run or fight, and he's beaten up again.

When Okubo sees the poor state Kuwabara was left after the beatings, he begs him to give up, since he knows Kuwabara is doing it mainly for him. But Kuwabara refuses, he comments that Yuusuke beats him up harder and he has been in a worse state. Yuusuke, of course, is witnessing it all, and is deeply touched by his old rival's courage.

At night, Yuusuke sees that Kuwabara has fallen asleep on the books. So Yuusuke enters his dream and helps him to study by asking him questions from the book.

The morning of the test, yet another group of boys plan to attack Kuwabara. Chasing him, they run into two girls. One of them, named Masako (I think that's her name), is knocked unconscious. Yuusuke is afraid that if Kuwabara is beaten up once more, he won't be able to do the test for which he studied so hard. So he enters Masako's body and chases after the boys, and showing Yuusuke's fierce skills. Kuwabara doesn't even notice the commotion behind him and goes straight to school.

Kuwabara takes the test and Yuusuke looks attentively on Kuwabara's test and sees that he is doing well. Kuwabara succeeds in the test. The teacher is furious, but Iwamoto-sensei (The creep with fuzzy hair) offers him a devious solution: he erases one of Kuwabara's answers. While on the side, Takenaka-sensei is seen reading a paper. The teacher returns the test to Kuwabara, saying he flunked it and that Okubo's license will be revoked.

Noticing the erased answer, Kuwabara charges the grabs the teacher, but Yuusuke tries to holds his fist, warning him that if he punches the teacher he will be expelled from the school.

Kuwabara somewhat hears him, and lets the teacher go. But Takenaka-sensei (Headmaster that is actually very good), knows of the other teacher's action, intervenes with demands that the teacher correct Kuwabara's grade.

When Okubo tells Kuwabara that they had succeeded in the test and that his license is let to remain, Kuwabara smiled to the sky, right in the direction where the Yuusuke and Botan are and thanked. Botan explains that ghosts cannot communicate with people in the living but those people can feel the emotion of the dead when they are in the same wavelength.