Yu Yu Hakusho

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Yusuke’s Sacrifice

The five remaining Suzakus jump up and try to send a new lightning charge on Yuusuke's body, but his energy is worn out after the continuous attacks, and Suzaku is pretty slow in charging his attack. Yuusuke uses the advantage to use his Shottogan, creating 5 straight shots, instead of scattered shots knocking out all five at once. But after that he's too tired to stand. He falls prone on the ground and watch Botan and Keiko through the mirror.

Iwamoto-sensei and the other zombies are still after them. Botan is hit on the head with a metal pipe and falls, barely conscious. Keiko holds her in her arms as the zombies surround them. Botan mumbles that Keiko should run for her life. Keiko refuses. Not that she has any chance of escaping now. The zombies close in, surrounding the two girls and now they will go for the killing attacks.

Yuusuke crawls towards the Flute; destroying it is the only way of saving the girls at this point. But Murugu pushes the Flute out of his reach and lands between Urameshi and the demonic instrument.

Yuusuke points the left index finger in Murugu's direction, threatening to fry the bird with a Reigan if she doesn't get out of the way. Murugu doubts he has any ki left to do it. Yuusuke smirks telling the bird that he still has enough ki to burn a creature as weak as Murugu. Murugu starts to worry about it.

At Reikai, George exclaims that Yuusuke is growing more intelligent, not wasting all his ki in a single attack, like his style before. But Koenma dismisses that thought: he knows Yuusuke is just bluffing on the idea. George gets worried that if Yuusuke truly used everything on Suzaku, then there isn’t chance of victory if Suzaku lives.

Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara are doing their best to get to the upper chamber in time to help Yuusuke, but hundreds of You Shoku Ningen keep appearing at every step of the way.

Murugu is frightened away by Yuusuke's menace, and the boy tries to reach the Flute, he crawls helplessly. However, a battered Suzaku steps on his hand, he thanks Murugu, Suzaku compliments Yuusuke for the Shottogan's potency, but says his aim is terrible and he missed Suzaku’s vital point to really kill him.

Yuusuke manages to stand up. Suzaku calls the energy of the six copies back to his body and restores his powers and health. Not only does he regain his entire youki and strength back, to prove his superiority, he uses the Ankoku Youroujin technique and multiplies himself again. Telling Yuusuke that it is futile to attack them if he can’t kill all of them, or knock them all out.

George sees no hope in Yuusuke's situation. Koenma kicks the oni's head for being so pessimistic, and urges Yuusuke to resist until his teammates get there. But Kurama, Hiei and Kuwabara are trapped when the spiral stairs they're climbing gives in before and behind them. Trapping them in the middle of the stairs, with no place to back up to or place to move forward to.

The seven Suzaku use the Rikukoku Ankoku Raikouha again, but this time, all seven perform the attack. And Yuusuke is hit by all of the arrows. But the projectiles fail to be as devastating as the Beast intended. Suzaku suddenly notices that one of his red bangs - in reality a solid organ that controls his lightning techniques - is damaged, he then project that it was damaged by Urameshi's first Reigan.

Hiei throws his katana and bury it on the concrete steps ahead; Kurama's Rosewhip coils around the handle, creating a rope for the three Tantei to cross the gap. Making their movement possible again.

Through the mirror, Yuusuke sees the zombies ready to kill Keiko, Botan is on the floor, and a powerful aura ignites around him - and casts a shield around Keiko also, protecting her and Botan. Suzaku is shocked when he realizes that the human boy is burning his Taiki or life energy to use against him, sacrificing everything to save Keiko.

The Beast uses the Rikukoku Ankoku Raikouha once more, and Yuusuke counterattacks with a Shottogan powered by everything he has, which destroys each of Suzaku's arrows and move on to hit the archers. Kurama, Kuwabara and Hiei make it to the chamber just in time to see Yuusuke and Suzaku fighting with their power, and a huge explosion occurs when the two powers collide.

Murugu is disintegrated at the explosion; the Flute, shattered, and the tower top blows away. The ruins of the Labyrinth Castle are on fire. In Ningenkai, all the zombies collapse. The last living Suzaku acknowledges the power of the bond between Urameshi and Keiko, he mentions that because of Yuusuke’s determination and devotion made him far more than he is, and that is his power. Afterwards, Suzaku dies.

At Reikai, Koenma celebrates, until George reminds him that Yuusuke sacrificed his life to destroy the Flute. He used all of his taiki to finish the job.

Kurama kneels beside Yuusuke, saying that Yuusuke used all his reiki and his heartbeat is too weak. Kuwabara volunteers to give Urameshi some of his ki. Kurama warns him that he didn't recover from the fight against Byakko yet.

Kuwabara protests that he is the only one who can give him energy, since he is the only human there. A blue aura covers the two human boys as Kuwabara starts the transference.

Kurama whispers that Yuusuke and Kuwabara would be carried back, since they will be too weak.

Hiei mutters that Yuusuke and Kuwabara are nothing but burdens. He admits he would never have done what Yuusuke did. Hiei says that he would never sacrifice everything if he isn’t sure of victory. When the transference is done, Kuwabara collapses.

Yuusuke wakes up in Kuwabara's bed and Kurama tells him that he slept for three days. Kuwabara informs that the school is closed until all the damage caused by the zombies is fixed, and that Atsuko was notified that her son is fine.

But when Yuusuke asks about Keiko and Botan, Kurama and Kuwabara fall gravely silent and avoid his eyes. Yuusuke grabs Kuwabara by the collar and demands an answer. Yuusuke starts to get infuriated and irritated.

The door opens and Keiko and Botan step in, well and unharmed. Kurama and Kuwabara - especially the latter - laugh at Yuusuke's reaction, and says that Yuusuke’s reaction is a thing to see. The picture moves out, and you hear Yuusuke thrashing Kuwabara.

Later, outside, walking back home, Yuusuke is with Keiko, but Yuusuke is thinking of how to get out of this mess. First, he leaves her alone in the middle of an outing, and all of a sudden zombies chase her. Yuusuke walks right up to Keiko asking for forgiveness, and that she spank him in return. But Keiko only asks that Yuusuke to promise her that whenever he goes in a mission, she'll be the first to know. Yuusuke guarantees that there won't be any missions as dangerous as this last one anymore.

But he doesn't promise anything to her.