Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Seven Ways to Die

Yuusuke attacks Suzaku with another series of socks and manages to make him drop the Flute. But the Beast hits him with a punch and grabs the Flute back before it touches the ground. Yuusuke doesn't give up and charges once more, but Suzaku uses two fingers to apply another lightning shock on the boy's body.

Through the mirror Yuusuke sees Iwamoto running after Keiko and Botan with a scissors. Murugu again asks Suzaku to hold the Flute while he fights; again the beast refuses, and prepares his next strike. Iwamoto tears Keiko's sleeve with a scissors swing, but fails to hurt her seriously. Botan catches her hand and pulls her to a storage room and locks the door. The zombies try to bring the door down.

Suzaku tells Yuusuke that he has another technique he likes to use. Suzaku starts to use the Ankoku Youroujin, his secret technique that multiplies oneís body creating six more copies. He starts to taunt Yuusuke upon guessing which of the seven is the right Suzaku, but he ends by claiming that all seven are real Suzakus.

At Reikai, Koenma and George watch in dismay, as Yuusuke is cowardly outnumbered. The Prince of Reikai wonders where the other three Tantei are.

Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara are still fighting the You Shoku Ningen outside the tower. More and more of those mindless creatures keep coming, keeping them from reaching the tower entrance. Everyone looks as if they need a break from the entire whacking of creatures, but in an instant, the three of them charges towards the Ningen.

Suzaku attacks with the Rikukoku Ankoku Raikouha: all six Suzaku form bows and arrows from the lightning energy. Energizing both fists, Yuusuke deflects all the arrows but one, which hits him in the left shoulder, crossing his body. Suzaku says the arrows are strong enough to shatter objects, but still Yuusuke gets back on his feet and demands that the Beast return the Flute. Suzaku gets pissed and strikes Yuusuke down with a punch.

Weak and tired, Yuusuke is held by two Suzakus, and all the other Suzakus stand before him, while the real Suzaku sits with the flute on his hand. Offering the chance to become a Beast, in exchange for Yuusuke killing Keiko. Yuusuke promises to kill Suzaku instead, but screams in pain as those two Suzakus release their lightning energy into his body.

Keiko whispers Yuusuke's name as she and Botan see the door wielding to the zombies' strength. The door now crashes, broken in half. When the zombies enter, however, the girls aren't there, but Iwamoto sees the tip of Keiko's yellow kerchief stuck between a locker's double doors. He laughs and says that he knows where the girls are hiding. He and the other zombies start to destroy the locker with stick blows.

Yuusuke watches the scene through the mirror and tears roll down his cheeks, while all six Suzakus start to torture him with the lightning rays. The seventh, real Suzaku, narrates Keiko's death for him.

At Reikai, George laments Yuusuke's situation, telling Koenma that Yuusuke isnít ready for this fight, and if he fails Ningenkai will be filled with demons unless they agree to the Suzakuís request. That worries Koenma, but not as much as George's next prediction, saying that once Enma-Daiou returns, and Suzaku is still holding his demand, Koenma will receive a graver punishment than a hundred spanks. Now Koenma really freaks out.

The other three Tantei are still fighting the You Shoku Ningen outside the tower. Realizing the pointlessness of the combat, Kuwabara sees the same opening Yuusuke went through, and he summons his Reiken and uses it as pole-vault to reach the window. He doesn't make it and instead collides with the wall just beneath the window. He manages to hold himself to the bricks though; Hiei and Kurama finally get to the tower entrance, Hiei tells Kuwabara to stop goofing around and start going inside the tower. But another group of You Shoku Ningen blocks their way. The three Tantei have no option but restarting tedious combat.

Up in Suzaku's chamber, Yuusuke is still under torture. In tears, he hears Genkai's voice in his mind, telling him that why is he starting to give up. Yuusuke is worried about Keiko, and ignores Genkaiís voice. But Genkai warns him that Keiko isn't dead yet.

Through the mirror he sees as the zombies finish destroying the locker, which reveals to be empty - only the handkerchief was there. As the zombies gasp in surprise, Botan and Keiko get out from their hiding behind a curtain and attack them from the rear with broomsticks. Whacking them all down.

Suzaku is furious by this new development, and Yuusuke's contented smirk only enrages him more. The real Suzaku joins the other six in torturing the human boy, who again hears Genkai's voice telling him that he has brought this punishment to himself. And tells him that his training has prepared him for this.

Yuusuke remembers what Genkai taught him when he became her successor: the secret to focus the last of his ki in a single thought. During the training of Genkai, Yuusuke is seen inverted with his fingertip on a sharp stake and has his ki being focused. But Yuusuke is tired of it all, and tells Genkai that he will kill her and go back home. He then springs himself up and charges a Reigan, Genkai tells him that he isnít devoting himself yet, that he has a lot of ki left in him since he can still charge a powerful Reigan. She jumps up and punches Yuusuke down. Genkai tells him that the training they are doing is essential.

As Suzaku prepares a final blow, Yuusuke also remembers his mother's tears in his funeral, his teammates' efforts against the other three Beasts, and Keikoís sacrifices for him, her troubles and furthermore, her own suffering because of him. Everything is being remembered, Yuusuke focuses on these memories, he concentrates enough power in his fists to deflect the attack and knock all Suzakus down with a huge explosion.

As the five Suzakus get on their feet, the two holding Yuusukeís hand are already defeated. Yuusuke promises Suzaku that the battle will end now.