Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Koenma Appears! King Enma and Koenma
Japanese Episode Title
Reikai no Koenma! Fukkatsu e no Shiren
(Reikai’s Koenma! Trial for Resurrection)

Botan flies on her oak (the witch-like vehicle) to Reikai, with Yuusuke holding to the blade as best as he can. They soar to the skies and before long the vicinity changes. It shows them flying over the Styx River until they get to Enma-daiou's fortress

They reach a huge door and Botan calls for the people inside to open, but not after verifying her identity. The initial hallway of the palace is like a monster’s mouth. Then they go through another door at the end of the hallway. Inside, many oni (ogres) are busy running around with huge piles of paperwork. Yuusuke compares the place to an insurance company.

Worried about how he should address the powerful Enma-daiou, Yuusuke makes quick plans to attack the gigantic King of Death by the rear, and grabbing him by the neck, on the eyes and so forth. But Botan takes him to an office, inside Yuusuke is shocked of the possibility that Enma is invisible, but disregards this when he sees the being he is to meet. Here, he meets Koenma, son of Enma, no more than a toddler with a pacifier. Yuusuke finds that hysterical and mocks the Prince of Reikai (Spirit World). Koenma scolds him severely, telling him he's actually fifty times older than Yuusuke, and is far wiser than he is.

Koenma gives Urameshi an egg, ordering him to keep it with him all the time. The egg should absorb Yuusuke's energy to form the creature inside. If Yuusuke's thoughts and actions are good, a good harmless monster will come out of the egg. But if his spirit is dominated by evil, a barbarous monster will come out to devour him and destroy his soul forever. Despite all of this, Yuusuke accepts it.

Yuusuke goes back to Ningenkai (Human World) with the egg, and wondering why he accepted this. But aside this there is still more to do, now Yuusuke has to find a way to keep his body from being cremated, since he needs a body to resurrect to. Atsuko is drunk and too overwhelmed by the loss of her son, so Yuusuke looks for Keiko, who's crying in her sleep. Instructed by Botan, he shows up in her dream, he is walking away while Keiko chases him. By the time she reaches Yuusuke, Yuusuke promises Keiko that he will be back. At the same time in the dream and the reality, Yuusuke runs his finger on her cheeks to rub a trickling teardrop. Keiko immediately wakes up and rubs her face to find that her cheek is dry on one side; she immediately accepts that what she just saw is real.

Keiko visits Atsuko the next morning, Atsuko claims that she saw a dream about Yuusuke, that he beats beings in the other world to be their leader. Keiko seeing the woman so depressed, with the thought of her son being something in the other world brings happiness, decides not to mention her own dream.

Botan suggests that Yuusuke enter the body of a person of strong spirit (a medium) to tell people his own body must not be cremated. Looking for a body with a strong spirit, he finds his old rival, Kuwabara, along with friends. According to Kuwabara’s friends, Kuwabara is sometimes assaulted by visions of spirits, and during this moment, Kuwabara claims to feel spirits relating to him and he starts to shiver. Botan readies Kuwabara’s body and Yuusuke enters Kuwabara’s body. But according to Botan, he can only stay in for one hour. Yuusuke, now Kuwabara, immediately runs and leaves his friends.

Looking for Keiko, Yuusuke runs to the Yukimura restaurant (Keiko and her family leaves in an apartment at the 2nd floor). She's not there, so he tries to speak to the Yukimura’s; but they don't recognize her daughter's childhood friend in Kuwabara's body. Offended by the idea of someone trying to impersonate the late Yuusuke, Keiko's parents shoo Kuwabara away. They also mention that Yuusuke is not ugly like Kuwabara.

Still trying to find Keiko, Yuusuke runs into lots and lots of Kuwabara's enemies along the way, and since they think he is Kuwabara, Yuusuke is forced to waste time defeating them all. From normal juvenile delinquents to gangs, Yuusuke encounters them all.

At last Yuusuke sees Keiko's friends waiting in front of a shop, but his (Kuwabara's) face is so bruised and bumped that the girls are frightened away when he approaches them.

Keiko leaves the shop looking for her friends, and Yuusuke wonders how he's going to make her recognize him. Coming from behind her, he grabs her breasts and asks, "Guess who?" By reflex, she turns and punches him: "Yuusuke, you idiot!"

Seeing Kuwabara fallen on the pavement before her, she apologizes, but Yuusuke confirms his real identity at the same time by saying and acting like he usually does. He repeats his promise of coming back, and asks her to take care of his body for him. She nods and hugs him hard.

The hour has passed and Kuwabara "wakes up", while Keiko is still hugging him. He does not understand a thing, but since he is there and the embrace feels so good... He tightens the hug, but Keiko, somehow notices the change, and suddenly hits Kuwabara. Abashed, she quickly apologizes and runs away, leaving a very confused and bruised Kuwabara behind, and the group of people watching them.

Keiko runs to warn Atsuko, but Yuusuke's mother has already opened the casket and seen that her son was still breathing. They embrace, happy to know that Yuusuke is still alive.

Yuusuke on the other hand is worried about his egg, pondering if he is feeding good energy to it. But Botan claims that he did beat up a lot of people.