Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts Suzaku and Murugu

The Reikai Tantei run towards the main tower of the Labyrinth Castle; Hiei is sure that Suzaku, the fourth Beast, is hiding there.

In Ningenkai, Keiko tries to escape from Iwamoto-sensei and the other humans that were turned into zombies by the insects. Botan arrives to help her, and uses the compact to warn Yuusuke that the zombies seem to be aiming Keiko specifically now.

Yuusuke is pissed by the turn of events, while Kuwabara identifies his bad feeling as this event.

Botan once again, saves Keiko from getting captured by Iwamoto-sensei, and due to that, the compact transmission is ruined. Leaving Yuusuke with a concerned look.

Watching everything from his office in Reikai, Koenma urges Botan to protect Keiko. He's so upset about the situation that he misplaces the remote control among the papers on his desk; He starts to get irritated with everything, while George tries to do a more stable solution. When Koenma finally finds the control, George already switched the image on the panel, so they can see where the Tantei are.

Suzaku, the last of the Shiseijuu, and Murugu, a green bird, also watch the Tantei's approach through a large elliptic mirror, and are pleased to notice how the news from Ningenkai disturbs Yuusukeís state of mind. Suzaku wants to keep them from entering his chamber before the zombies get Keiko, so Murugu suggests that he send the You Shoku Ningen - humanlike creatures with no thought or will, incapable of fear or pain, that obey blindly their master's orders.

Just as Yuusuke and the gang reach the tower, there are two passageways on the side. In a moment, a lot of You Shoku Ningen starts to show up from the passages. Those creatures surround the tower, blocking the Tantei's way. Yuusuke, still pissed, wants to blow them all up with his Shottogan, but Kurama warns him that that's probably Suzaku's plan: making him waste his reiki before the real combat actually starts. While Yuusuke is still insisting on his plan, the others decline. Hiei voices out, and tells them of his plan.

As the plan starts, Kuwabara runs towards the You Shoku Ningen, knocks a few of them out and crouches down next to the tower wall; Kurama runs after him and climbs up on his shoulders; Hiei comes next and jumps to stand on Kurama's shoulders; at last comes Yuusuke, who uses his teammates' backs as a ladder, stepping on their backs until he is on Hieiís shoulders then he propels himself into the air, barely reaching the window of the tower.

While Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei disassemble and fight the You Shoku Ningen, Yuusuke goes up the window and runs to the upper chamber of the tower and finds Suzaku watching Keiko and Botan through the mirror. The girls are having trouble as more and more zombies approach the school. Keiko asks Botan what is going on, what happened to Iwamoto-sensei and where Yuusuke is; Botan, with a nervous smile, promises to tell her everything later, and she also says that there are other things to worry about, since the zombies are still here.

The phone lines were cut and they proceed to the teacherís room and find Takenaka-sensei knocked out most likely by the zombies; the girls can't find any help. Suzaku uses those images to tease Yuusuke. By that time, Yuusuke has had enough and attacks him with a fast series of punches. Suzaku blocks the hits with his left palm - while the other hand holds the Flute. Yuusuke is pissed some more to see that Suzaku is merely blocking everything he dukes out with one hand. Suzaku for the matter is amazed that Yuusuke is this fast, but to no avail. When Yuusuke gives out a big hit, Suzaku moves away, flying, leaving only his white cloth-scarf. Yuusuke tries to bring him, charging his right index finger, and shoots a Reigan.

Surprisingly, Suzaku uses his fist to deflect the Reigan, which hit the tower ceiling, creating a large hole in it. Suzaku complements that Yuusukeís attack couldíve mess things up for him if it hit one of his body parts. Murugu volunteers to hold the Flute, but Suzaku says he only needs one arm to defeat Urameshi.

The fourth Beast reveals that he intentionally caused the Reigan to hit the ceiling on purpose. Through the hole a lightning strikes Suzakuís free hand. Murugu says that Suzaku is actually going to use it against a human. Suzaku stands on the floor, and he holds the lightning and absorbs its power, a phoenix is slightly seen in Suzakuís aura. He charges and tries to punch Yuusuke with the concentrated lightning. This is the Ankoku Raijin Ken, Yuusuke dodges but some of the sparkling rays brush his body, electrocuting him, causing great pain and wearing his energy down.

Suzaku admits that he is impressed that Yuusuke has a good amount of Reiki to protect his own body. And that he actually survives that attack. Suzaku continues to dishearten Yuusuke by telling about Keikoís inevitable death.

Urameshi stands up and takes off his shoes, wearing them on the hands as gloves. He says Keiko is too stubborn to give up. And he relates this as one of his traits as well.

Murugu mocks the idea of shoes holding back Suzaku-sama's powers, telling Yuusuke that itíll burn because of the Suzakuís power. Yuusuke challenges Suzaku for a new round and the Beast summons up the Ankoku Raijin Ken again.

In the halls of Sarayashiki High, Botan and Keiko are cornered by the zombies. Keiko urges Botan to run away from her, since she - Keiko - is the attackers' goal. Botan replies that she'll always prefer to face the danger than turn the back on it. Keiko agrees, smirking. She also notes that she and Botan will get along fine.

They see a fire extinguisher and have a spark of an idea. While Keiko runs to the left and attracts the zombies' attention, Botan runs to the right, gets the extinguisher and sends a strong spurt of foam on them. But Iwamoto-sensei appears and grabs Botan on the shoulders.

Suzaku attacks, and Yuusuke meets the Raijin Ken with the shoe-covered hands, being made of rubber, it insulates the lightning, and Yuusuke focuses his ki on the wrists and using the rubber soles to protect his flesh. The shoes now burn, but not after getting Suzaku by surprise, Yuusuke rips the Raijin Kenís ki concentration and punches Suzaku on the cheek, sending him away.

At the exact same moment, Keiko knocks Iwamoto down with a powerful slap whose strength surprises even herself. Freeing Botan from the zombieís grasps and also knocking him down. Keiko is surprised that she actually hit a school teacher.

Yuusuke stands proud of his achievement and points his fist out and tells Suzaku that he will lose.