Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Byakko’s Lair

Kuwabara shoves his Reiken directly in Byakko’s mouth, but the Beast again absorbs the boy’s energy. The transference is painful for Kuwabara and lasts until the sword vanishes from his hands.

Byakko chuckles saying that Kuwabara has courage, but is a bit stupid to be of use. He caresses his own stuffed belly, content with the delicious reiki meal.

Kuwabara stands up weakly and summons the Reiken once again. Yuusuke gasps, noticing that the energy blade shrunk to the size of a mere dagger. And before Kuwabara can use it, Byakko kicks him hard. And he is thrown around as a rag doll by the huge Beast's strikes.

Yuusuke sees no hope for Kuwabara, but Kurama says that there is still a chance. If Kuwabara notices that Byakko’s body hasn’t grown. But Hiei only counters that Kuwabara is too dumb to notice it.

At Reikai, Koenma is worried; Byakko seems too strong for Kuwabara. George suggests that Yuusuke's Reigan would be just as ineffective against the ki-eater Beast. Kurama is wounded and weak and Hiei is too erratic, now the situation looks pretty bad.

Byakko keeps hitting Kuwabara, who suddenly realizes that the Beast doesn't look taller, but fatter. He gives all of himself to summon the Reiken again and stab it into Byakko's belly. As before, the Beast absorbs the reiki until the sword disappears.

Kuwabara falls and Byakko prepares to step on him. Yuusuke is about to shoot a Reigan to save his friend, but Kurama stops him and points to Byakko.

In fact, something is wrong with the Beast. Byakko absorbed more energy than his body could digest. He roars in pain and vanishes in a burst of yellow light.

Kuwabara is tired but okay. And when pretty Botan calls Yuusuke on the compact, he feels even better. She reports that more and more insects appeared to contaminate the humans. Again a zombie-like man interrupts the call - Botan gets rid of him with her bare skills!

The four Tantei hear Byakko's roar again; the Beast isn't dead yet. The sound causes the platform to collapse; the boys run to safety and hear Byakko's invitation to enter the Hell Room. The place is actually a cave filled with burning acid. Small portions of the floor are still sustained by tall stalagmites - Byakko waits for them standing on one of those columns. Kuwabara rips a bit of his school uniform and drops it - it's burned to nothing even before touching the acid.

Byakko seems just as strong and dangerous as before. Yuusuke is eager to fight him, but Kuwabara insists that this Beast is his adversary. Hiei for the matter says that Kuwabara should give Yuusuke the honor, so that Kuwabara can rest for the next upcoming battle.

Kuwabara won't have any of it though. Hiei snorts at the ningen's stubbornness; Yuusuke echoes that opinion. Only to be pushed by Kurama’s words of Yuusuke and Kuwabara’s similarity.

Kuwabara jumps to the closest stalagmite, but part of the floor collapses under his feet. He manages to avoid the fall by holding firmly to the rest of the structure. He says that at this rate, he’ll die even before the fight actually continues. Yuusuke again volunteers to go in his place. But Kuwabara refuses, it again.

Feeling the heat of the room, Kuwabara takes off his shirt. He summons his Reiken and challenges Byakko.

The Beast roars, but this time the sound forms a sphere of green energy that flies towards Kuwabara. The boy's instant reaction is to hit the ball back, using the Reiken as a baseball bat (Shui Dasha Ken), but Kurama shouts that he shouldn't try that. Kuwabara jumps to another stalagmite, and sees the ball disintegrate the one he had been standing on.

Hiei recognizes that attack, it is called Meiko Shoukai Ha, which uses sound to create an attack that wrecks havoc on the target’s molecules. Yuusuke asks if the Reiken can meet that kind of power; Hiei says that the spheres will destroy anything it touches.

Byakko uses the Meiko Shoukai Ha again, one time after the other, forcing Kuwabara to jump from column to column to escape. When the boy is near, the Beast unleashes energy claws and throws them in his direction. The sharp projectiles miss Kuwabara's flesh, only ripping the strips he has tied around his waist.

Unfortunately, now there aren't any other stalagmites near Kuwabara, except for the one where Byakko is standing. Kurama suggests that he and Hiei should go and help him; Hiei agrees, but Kuwabara yells that he won't accept their interference. Kurama wonders if Kuwabara has any ace in his sleeve; Hiei disdains the possibility, and even the thought of it.

Byakko sends another ball at Kuwabara, who jumps in the last moment and falls towards the acid pool; Kuwabara summons the Reiken and makes it grow, using it as a pole to vault and land right on Byakko, punching him with all his strength. Both of them fall from the stalagmite.

Yuusuke calls out, imagining that Kuwabara was killed by the acid, until he hears his old rival screaming for help: the fabric strip on his waist was caught between a narrow crack of the stalagmite's edge, and he's hanging precariously from it. Kuwabara is shouting for help.

Yuusuke, Kurama and Hiei smirk. "Didn't you say you wouldn't accept our help?" Yuusuke mocked to his ally.