Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Byakko, the White Tiger Byakko

Yuusuke is concerned about Kuramaís wound, but he insists that heís fine, but Hiei points out that he wonít be able to fight like that, and there are still three Beasts in the castle.

Kuwabara isnít worried though, and shows off his new abilities by summoning his Reiken and bragging that after killing the Beasts he wants a rematch against Urameshi. Hiei snorts with disdain, infuriating Kuwabara, who challenges him to a fight. Hiei says that it is interesting coming from someone like Kuwabara. Yuusuke parts them before the quarreling gets any worse.

Koenma is watching this through the video screen in his office, and he's impressed by Kuwabara's skill. He speaks of appointing the human boy as a Tantei, but George reminds him of the proper procedures of nominating a Tantei, and it wouldnít be as quick as it seems. This irritates Koenma.

Kuwabara makes the Reiken grow as long as a spear, saying that the weapon is flexible and obeys his very commands... but he trips on his own feet and falls flat on the ground, causing a comical action.

Botan calls Yuusuke on the compact to tell him that she found several insects near the playground; she's worried that children might be the next victims of these creatures. In the middle of the call a man under the Beastsí control attacks her, and she runs away to hide. At last she knocks him down with her baseball bat, but the message is clear: the situation in Ningenkai is getting worse faster than expected

A horrible sound shakes the walls and the ceiling; Kurama recognizes it to be no other but Byakko's roar. The boys run up the stairs of the tower towards a platform where they find the second Beast waiting for them. The white tiger looking creature, and it immense size frightens Yuusuke and Kuwabara on the spot. Hiei volunteers to fight him, but Kuwabara stops him, saying that he promised to be next, and he wonít back out.

Byakko's intentions are clear: to devour the four Tantei, including Hiei and Kurama the Beast and the two youkais had clearly met before, encountering each other probably from a thieving action. With his roar, he destroys most of the platform, leaving only a single person narrow passageway between them and the boys. Beneath them, only clouds can be seen.

Despite Yuusuke's protests, Hiei's incredulity and his own shaky legs, Kuwabara crosses the passageway and calls Byakko to the battle. The Beast laughs out loud, amused at the challenge from someone so small and weak, not to mention spiritually untrained. He pulls four strands off his hair and blows them; they turn into four big dog-sized green demonic animals.

Kuwabara defends himself as he can, Reiken against dogís sharp claws. But it's a four to one combat. And it doesnít look good for Kuwabara, Yuusuke tries to convince Kuwabara to let him replace him, sure that he can knock the four animals out with his Shotgun. Kuwabara only retorts telling Yuusuke that he will feed Yuusuke to Byakko if he dares interfere.

But the ningen is obviously at a disadvantage. Yuusuke steps on the passageway, shouting that Kuwabara wonít be able to win against them with his sword. And that gives Kuwabara an idea. He starts crossing back the passageway back, and the four animals run after him. Byakko and Hiei take it as cowardice action, and Yuusuke prepares to take Kuwabara's place in the match. But in the middle of the cross, Kuwabara halts and turns, making his Reiken grow longer, this time, horizontally. The narrow passageway forced the animals to cross in a single line, and the Reiken impales them all together.

The animals donít die though, and keep hunting Kuwabara, who crosses the entire passageway, runs pass his teammates and around the tower they came from. Then, using the circular stairs, he ties the two ends of his Reiken around the tower, and forms a demonic compilation in his Reiken. Even Hiei is impressed with this weird, but effective solution.

Now it's time to face Byakko himself. Kuwabara slashes through his chest twice with the Reiken, but the Beast absorbs the sword's reiki power and grows even bigger. The Reiken, on the other hand, gets smaller, forcing Kuwabara to spend more energy to make it grow back. The effort is tiring him fast.

Yuusuke tries again to convince his friend to retreat and let him fight instead. But Kuwabara shouts back telling Yuusuke that he will not back out in this fight.