Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Genbu, the Stone Beast George Saotome and Genbu

Yuusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei are doing their best to hold the ceiling up, but they are slowly getting worn-out and the gate is slowly coming down, threatening to smash them all. The eye-demon reminds them that only a traitor will be able to escape the trap and enter the castle.

Kuwabara threatens Hiei that if he decides to betray them. But Hiei retorts by telling him the fate they will get. Yuusuke tells them to calm down, and tries to think of a way of pulling the lever that controls the Gate. Yuusuke says that Hiei is the fastest of them all and that he will be able to do it quick enough. Kuwabara protests, saying he doesn't trust Hiei, and asks Yuusuke to go himself. Hiei smirks saying that Kuwabaraís suggestion might be correct.

But Hiei is surprised by Yuusuke's trust, he also reminds Yuusuke about their past situation and that he has the tendency to leave them to die. Yuusuke smiles back at him telling him that Hieiís plan is to defeat Yuusuke head on, and not by a trap. Yuusuke tells Hiei to go while he uses his reiki to hold Hieiís part on the gate.

Kurama smiles when he sees Hiei running in his blurring speed towards the lever, but his exit made the balance between the boys' strength and the Gate's pressure unstable, and the ceiling comes down a few inches more. Yuusuke's aura is shining red, for he's trying to hold for Hiei and himself at the same time.

Hiei gets to the lever and reaches to it... and hesitates. He looks back at the other boys, and Kuwabara urges him to pull the lever. The eye-demon tells Hiei to forget the others, promising to take him to the Beasts that would certainly accept him as a new companion. Kuwabara yells at him reminding him that Yuusuke trusted him completely, and he will just betray them.

Hiei steps back from the lever and insults Kuwabara. Causing Kuwabara to call Hiei a traitor.

The Eye-Demon says that Hiei is incredible and would be delighted to refer him to the Shiseijuu. But when the eye-demon turns, Hiei blurs out and appears above the creature with a katana in his hands. Hiei slashes the eye with a vertical cut and pulls the lever, stopping the Gate, but also activating another trap that drops a giant rock on him. Yuusuke and the others stare in shock, but the next moment they see Hiei standing on the rock, shouting at the retreating eye-demon telling him to tell the beasts to enjoy their lives while it lasts.

Feeling a little broken from the effort of holding the ceiling, Yuusuke pats Hiei on the back thanking him. Hiei shrugs him off, telling him that he only did it so that they can confront the beasts, since he is expecting help from them. As Hiei steps away, Kurama tells Yusuke not to worry, that's Hiei style of accepting thanks.

In one of the towers of the castle, the Shiseijuu discuss what they should do, now that the boys passed through the Gate, they curse Hiei for what he has done, and they argue about who will kill the intruders.

The boys are walking through another corridor when the Tsuujin Compact Botan gave Yuusuke beeps, making Kuwabara jump, startled. When Kuwabara sees Botan in the tiny screen though, he takes the Compact away from Yuusuke, and starts to hit on Botan. Yuusuke grabs the Compact back and asks her about he situation in Tokyo. She says that she just knocked out another demon. While she's talking though, the demon she had just knocked out stands up and tries to attack from behind. Yuusuke warns her about it, but she whacks the demon again with the baseball bat without even turning, she tells Yuusuke not to worry. But she still hasnít scored a lot against the insects, she only killed ten or so out of thousands.

Yuusuke realizes he has to destroy the Flute fast. Botan tells him to be careful and signs off, in time to use the Reikai Insecticide in one of the dangerous insects. Grabbing the bat, she runs to get on with her hunt.

At Reikai, George Saotome(The Oni) runs to the large library, where he finds Koenma up on a ladder, looking for a book. George says he was informed that the group of Tantei managed to pass through the Gate. Koenma is satisfied with the news, and says he's looking for a book that could tell him more about the Beasts. George is shocked about it, telling Koenma that he sent Yuusuke and the gang there without knowing anything about the beasts.

In the castle, Yuusuke asks Kurama what he and Hiei know about the Beasts. Kurama says they don't know either, for they and the Beasts don't belong to the same world. (Hiei and Kurama comes from Makai)

A bodiless voice laughs and thanks for the compliment. Yuusuke kicks the door where the voice came from. It opens to a dungeon-like chamber, lit with torches. Yuusuke throws a torch on the darkest corner and they all see a big stone creature that welcomes them and introduces himself as Genbu, one of the Seijuu.

The Beast indicates a spiral staircase behind him, saying it's the only way up and to get to it, they must beat him. He bangs his rocky tail on the stone floor, creating a small crater.

Kurama volunteers to fight first, telling them that he also knows how to fight. Hiei looks away. Yuusuke advises Kurama to simply run to the staircase, since Genbu is too dangerous to fight against. Hiei corrects Yuusuke by telling him that Kurama is his ally because he rather fight others than Kurama, because Kurama is one of the most dangerous people there is. Kuwabara doubts Hieiís word when looks at Kuramaís gentle look.

Genbu's tail disappears in the ground as if it was made of liquid, not stone, then appears behind Kurama, who turns in time to jump and avoid the lethal attack, but gets wounded in the chest nonetheless. The Beast brags that he can liquefy and solidify and merge with the stone of that chamber's walls, floor and ceiling. Answering to Yuusuke and Kuwabara's concerned calls, Kurama says he's okay, just bruised. Genbu sinks completely in the ground, vanishing from sight. After a moment, he strikes from behind, surprising Kurama, who jumps out of the way and turns to face him but then Genbu's tail lashes from the other side. With a series of somersaults, Kurama dodges until Genbu vanishes in the stone again.

The next strike comes from the ground Kurama is stepping on. Again Kurama somersaults out of the way. Out of sight once more, Genbu laughs telling that avoiding him is only prolonging death. Kurama smiles and delving his fingers in his red hair, he pulls out a red rose.

Kuwabara puzzled by it, he questions why Kurama has a rose for the beast. Hiei laughs discreetly and only tells them that it isnít just a rose. Kurama shouts, "Rosewhip!" The rose petals spread through the air, perfuming the chamber, and the stem shifts into a thorny green whip.

Kuwabara shows irritation, because Kurama spoke in english. Yuusuke tells Kuwabara to stop acting like he doesnít want to be friends with Kurama.

Watching through the video screen in his office, Koenma admires the beauty of Kurama's skill, while George wonders how the rose smells like.

In the dungeon, the bodiless Genbu laughs telling Kurama that the whip is useless when you donít know where to attack. But one second before the next strike comes, Kurama predicts that it will come from the ceiling and use the whip in a complex series of lashes: "Kagon Retsuzan Shi!" Genbu is cut in a dozen pieces, and Kurama explains that against the rose perfume, the Beast's stench was easy to spot.

Yuusuke compliments Kurama for the victory. Kuwabara is amazed that looks doesnít really say what the personís true ability is.

Hiei barks back at Kuwabara telling him that Kurama is strong that is why he won, and Kuwabara wouldíve died at the first attack. Kuwabara and Hiei restart the quarreling and Kuwabara even grabs Hiei by the scarf until Yuusuke tells them to stop the silly bickering, so they can continue the mission.

But Kurama tells him it's not over yet. Genbu's body reforms itself, only to dismember again to attack Kurama as a rain of flying rocks: Bakuretsu Ganshoudan. Kurama uses the Kagon Retsuzan Shi again, cutting the Beast in even smaller pieces... but Genbu reconstructs his body once more.

However, in Genbu's next strike, Kurama notices a ruby-glowing gravel, and grabs it. When the Beast reforms his body, he starts seeing Kurama upside down in fact, his body reformed all wrong and his head glued between his legs. Yuusuke and Kuwabara find that hilarious.

Kurama shows the red pulsating gravel in his hand, the one that controlled the proper formation of the stone body. Kurama tells Genbu that he is proficient in looking for these type of things, because he was once a great thief. Genbu begs for mercy, but Kurama lashes the whip against the red stone, cutting it in half. Genbu's body explodes in powder.

Yuusuke cheers, but Kurama falls on the floor. The wound in the chest was more than a bruise. Hiei is appalled in seeing him injured. Kurama apologizes to Yuusuke, who tells him not to worry, for Yuusuke, Hiei and Kuwabara will take on the rest.

Kuwabara says that he will fight next, and they all proceed upwards. Byakko on the top floor says that he will be the one to be going up against the Tantei.