Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
The Beasts of Maze Castle

Keiko goes to Urameshiís house looking for Yuusuke, but Atsuko tells her he didn't come back yet. He's been going through some kind of training in the mountains for over a month, but he's been phoning his mother, which proves he's still alive. Keiko is afraid Yuusuke won't come back, but Atsuko dismisses her worries telling her that Yuusuke died once and came back.

Keiko is still worried and upset that Yuusuke left without saying any word to her. She's walking on the street with such thoughts when she suddenly sees a figure walking. It is Yuusuke, tired, slightly bruised and in ragged clothes, walking in her direction. Unnecessary to say, she's very happy to see him.

In a park, Yuusuke fixes his hair, brushing it up. Keiko for the time being buys three milkshakes while Yuusuke along with Kuwabara, in their school uniforms, sits on a bench and talk. Yuusuke asks if Kuwabara's arms are healed. Kazuma confirms it, saying that after the spiritual healing performed by Genkai he's a lot stronger, and that he intends to test his newfound strength on Urameshi. Yusuke retorts that he's also stronger after Genkai's training, that if he fights Kuwabara itíll be no contest.

Yuusuke tells him about the strenuous training. He had to stand upside down for twelve hours, supporting his weight on his reiki-active index finger over a pointed stake. He also learned (the hard way) how to defend himself from powerful ki attacks, attacks that actually threaten his life. And besides all that, he has gained some new techniques. Kuwabara says he's looking forward seeing Yuusuke's new abilities.

Keiko arrives with the milkshakes and asks what Kuwabara is saying he wants to see. Yuusuke nervously feigns, saying that it is a movie. That Kuwabara wants to see a movie. Keiko suggests that they all go to the movies then.

On their walk to the theater, Keiko seems so happy; Kuwabara head locks Yuusuke telling him how lucky he is. Telling him that Keiko hasnít been this happy for a long time, and Keiko must really like Yuusuke to be this happy. Yuusuke suddenly senses something. He apologizes to Keiko and tells her to buy the tickets and save them seats while he and Kuwabara go buy something. When Keiko asks why she can't go with them, Yuusuke says it's a "man thing". He runs away, hauling a puzzled Kuwabara by the hand.

After turning around the corner, Yuusuke lets go of Kuwabara's hand and tells him they're being followed. Five gray-skinned boys in school uniforms are indeed coming right behind them. Yuusuke and Kuwabara guide them to a dead-end alley, where they can fight in peace. Kuwabara starts to brag that both him and Yuusuke will beat the crap out of the five of them. But the strange boys have pocketknives revealed.

Yuusuke and Kuwabara fight them with punches and kicks at first, but when the boys get up to attack again, each of them muttering the word Kill. Yuusuke decides it's time to use one of the tricks he learned from Genkai. He clenches his right fist, and it starts to shine, and he punches the air yelling, "Shottogan!" And from his fist scatters hundreds of reiki bolts, each hitting one of the five boys and all of the five boys fall unconscious. Kuwabara surprised at what he witness, it is like an attack that comprises hundreds of Reigan.

Kuwabara senses a strange presence behind them and spots a figure wearing hat and overcoat spying on them. The two boys run after the spy, but before they can reach him he gets knocked out by a baseball bat held by Botan. Kuwabara is glad to see the beautiful Botan again, while Yuusuke has mixed feelings.

The hat has fallen; the spy is a demon. Botan says he serves the group Yuusuke will have to face in his next mission. Yusuke protests that he just got back from Genkaiís torture, and now he has to go on a mission, he claims that Koenma is going to far.

Botan tells him that Koenma received a threatening letter from the Shiseijuu (Four Holy Beasts), demanding that they be allowed passage to Ningenkai. The Beasts are cruel and dangerous; they built a castle in their hiding place and shelter many criminals of other worlds, creating the lawless City of Beyond. In which they are looked as gods, that is why the name of Shiseijuu.

Botan points to the five boys lying on the ground, suddenly an insect comes out from the mouth of one of them. She explains that it's an insect from the dark side of Reikai, a parasite that feeds from melancholic hearts. The Beasts spread millions of those insects in Tokyo. The humans infected by the insects become rebellious, violent and murderers.

Yuusuke suggests that the population should be warned about the insect menace. Botan says it is impossible and it would be useless. Normal humans can't see them, and all they can see are humans behaving like savage animals. She says that the only way to destroy the insects is by destroying the Flute that controls them. She also explains that a barrier surrounds the Beasts' castle so they can't get out. The Beasts want the deactivation of the barrier in exchange for the return of the Flute to Reikai. But at the speed the insects and the infected humans are attacking, Tokyo might only take one day to be entirely devastated. Yuusuke's next mission is to sneak into the City of Beyond and destroy the Flute.

The plan is to open a small gateway to the city, and Yuusuke will attack from there. But the Shiseijuu will easily see the gateway, so Yuusuke canít really get in without being noticed.

Yuusuke complains that Koenma is being unfair, expecting him to enter those bandits' den all by himself. Kuwabara intervenes, saying that he can help. Botan sweatdrops; she completely forgot he was there, listening to everything she said. Apparently she wasn't supposed to reveal any details of the mission to anyone other than Yuusuke. Botan tries to make excuses but Kuwabara says he isnít stupid and knows what he sees.

Another insect leaves the mouth of one of the fallen boys; Kuwabara smashes it in his hand. He can see the insects and won't admit that any evil damages his hometown.

Botan leads them to an abandoned underground storage and opens a secret passage on the floor a portal to the City of Beyond. She reminds Kuwabara that this is a mission for a Reikai Tantei; he doesn't have to go. Kuwabara says he's an unofficial Tantei too, jumps into the passage and disappears.

Botan gives Yusuke the Reikai Tsuujin Compact, a communication device that can be used from different realms. He suddenly remembers that he left Keiko waiting at the theater and she is shown muttering angrily against Yuusuke. Urameshi tells Botan to go give her some excuse in his place, and follows Kuwabara through the portal. Botan says that she canít do this for him, but Yuusuke already vanished.

The City of Beyond: a tall, strangely shaped castle built on a plateau, under cloudy red skies. Yuusuke and Kuwabara materialize in the air and fall hard on the rocky soil. They see the castle not far away, and decide to move. But strange creatures wearing brown hooded cloaks appear from the ground and surround them, eager to devour the two human boys. These creatures are called Fugaki, which are rotten hungry ghosts in meaning.

The creatures attack, and Yuusuke and Kuwabara fend them off as fast as they can, but there are too many of the carnivorous creatures. Soon Kuwabara is overrun by them, and Yuusuke about to help Kuwabara also gets jumped. After a brief fight, they are both immobilized.

With a loud thunder and golden energy sparkles, a hole opens in the sky and two spheres of light, one red and the other blue, come flying through, passing over the creatures' heads and scaring them. The spheres land on a tree branch with a big explosion of white light that frightens the creatures away.

Left alone, Yuusuke and Kuwabara look up at the tree, wondering what caused the savior shine. And from the branch, a voice speaks, asking if they need help. Then another voice booms saying that they wonít win if they are that weak. The owners of those voices jump down from the tree: Kurama and Hiei.

Yuusuke is surprised to see them again. Hiei says Koenma didn't trust Yusuke to complete the mission and sent them to help. Kurama adds that by that collaboration they'll have a better chance of being absolved in their trial. Yuusuke is happy with the news and introduces the two thieves to Kuwabara, who welcomes a helping hand. Hiei mentions that he isnít sure about Kurama, but he is here to fight the Shiseijuu because of what they stole that should be his stolen items. Kurama smiles on Hieiís attitude.

Kuwabara immediately disapproves of Hieiís attitude and calls him names and even threatens him.

Hiei only comments that Kuwabara is imbecile, and continuing to be so will result in death.

Kuwabara jumps on him, but Hiei blurs out of the way and appears next to Yuusuke. He says that Yuusuke is a different story, and he will get his revenge against the Tantei soon. Kuwabara gets on his feet and tries again to punch Hiei, who once more blurs out of the way and steps back beside Kurama. Kurama tells Hiei to stop and to settle the matter later, after the mission.

Yuusuke happily accepts the help from the new two allies.

As they walk towards the eerie building, the four Beasts discuss the new menace. They're not worried, not seeing much power in any of them. They're sure they won't even get to pass through the Gate of Treason.

The boys arrive at an entrance that looks like the open mouth of a skull. Hiei and Kuwabara keep on with their bickering while they step inside, crossing a long corridor.

Suddenly a demon an eye with tentacles and bat wings appears and welcomes them to the castle, but warns that they have to go through a test before entering. With a tentacle, the eye-demon pulls a lever down and the ceiling falls on the boys, who try to hold it up with their hands.

The eye demon asks how do they feel holding up the gate. And claims that the gate is sensitive and smart, the more you push it up, the more it will give force to push down. The catch is that everyone weakens, and by weakening the gate will collapse on them, crushing them. But one of them has the chance to get out, the gate will have enough leeway for a creature to move out, but it will kill the others.

Kuwabara yells against the eye-demon and, losing concentration, lets the ceiling fall down an inch more; Hiei reproaches him for it, and Kuwabara replies that if someone there is a liability, that's Hiei. Yuusuke tries to calm Kuwabara down. Hiei comments that if that is how they see him, then there is no more to talk about.

Kurama recognizes Hieiís intentions, and tells Hiei not to consider it at all.

While the eye-demon laughs, Yusuke tries to think of a way out.