Yu Yu Hakusho

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Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks

As we last left off, after seeing the fate suffered by Kuwabara, Yuusuke used his rage as his weapon and successfully defeated Shourin. But the horror is yet to come. As it turns out that Shourin really is Youkai Rando in disguise. Upon transforming into his real form, Rando's body built and Youki level is unlike anything Yuusuke has felt before. Even after losing consciousness, Kuwabara urged Yuusuke avenge him.

Rando is now expecting some fun. But it seems Yuusuke doesn't have much left in him as he was barely standing. But Rando taunted him, this got Yuusuke mad and delivered flurries of punches to Rando, who stood there like a brick wall. Rando smiled, Yuusuke's punches doesn't have much, if any spirit energy put into it and he must have used up all that energy when fighting his previous form. Koenma affirmed that normal blows cannot defeat someone like Rando, he must combine both physical and spiritual energy. But looking at his current condition, Koenma can't hope for much.

Seeing that Yuusuke can't do much to him, Rando decided to take the offensive. He charged his Youki up and opened his mouth. Out comes some white, sparkling, silky substances that surrounds Yuusuke. Genkai noted that this is Youki no Ito, many Youkais are known to generate such substance in their bodies. Upon finishing, Rando grabbed a hold of the silk and they congealed together into a rubbery substance that seem to be alive on its own and went after Yuusuke.

Yuusuke tried to dodge, but too late, the silk has already got a hold of his limbs and lower torso. They further combined together to bind Yuusuke's arms along with his torso, making him helpless. Rando smiled, with a little gesture from his hand holding the silk's other end, the grip that has Yuusuke trapped seemed to tighten quite a bit. It appears that Rando wanted to torture our hero after what he has done and asked him not struggle as this substance is very tough and durable. Yuusuke of course didn't listen and tried to break out of it, but as Rando said, he could not.

Rando decided to demonstrate just how tough the Youki no Ito is by taking his end of the silk with both hands and start swinging Yuusuke over his head all over the place, all of which resulting in Yuusuke's body being slammed back down to the ground and into the trees around the place. Rando is certainly enjoying this, as he swings and slams his helpless victim all over the place, fully demonstrated just how durable and unbreakable the silk is.

Botan is worried about Yuusuke's safety and asked Genkai to stop this fight. But Genkai merely commented that if Yuusuke loses, Rando will become her successor and she's not really worried about the consequences. Botan replied that if Rando learns her technique, he might come after her. Genkai will shrug it off, saying she'll take care of it when that time comes. Besides, Genkai still believes that it's still not decided who will win this fight yet.

Rando is now dragging a motionless Yuusuke to a large nearby pond. He is now preparing something even more interesting for Yuusuke. Now Yuusuke is seen hung from a tree branch over the pond upside down by the silk. Rando now begins to chant another spell of some kind. Moments later, the pond below begins to have large amounts bubbles surfacing, followed by a giant, fearsome looking fish bearing sharp teeth jumping out of the water at Yuusuke. But the fish didn't quite make it and went back down into the water. Yuusuke now sees that there are about 6 or 7 of them circling in the pond.

Rando explained that these are his pets, Makai Yuu. Rando now has in his hands a little Youkai, who is struggling to get free. He then toss the Youkai towards the helpless Yuusuke. The little Youkai grew in size and is about to get to Yuusuke with his sharp talons. But that's not Rando's intent, with merely an eye expression, the Youkai's movements are bind and it fell into the water below. The Makai Yuu gathered towards the fallen Youkai and begin their feasting, much like Piranhas. Rando explained that it's their feeding time, their appetites are quite large and this really isn't enough food for them. As he made his last comment about human flesh being their favorite kind of food, he points his index finger towards Yuusuke in a very familiar fashion.

It's the Reigan! But it was aimed at another tree, but not before it also gave a cut to Yuusuke's face. It appears Rando has learned it after seeing Yuusuke did it once. Even Genkai is starting to wonder what her techniques will be like if used by Rando, though evil intended, perhaps the effectiveness of how he use it might surpass hers? Rando's finger is now again aimed towards Yuusuke, and this time it hit the branch that was holding onto the silk, breaking it and sends Yuusuke plunging into the opening mouths of the Makai Yuu below.

Yuusuke is now in the waters, he can't move as the silk still binds him. As he sank deeper and deeper into the water, Rando waited on the shore with anticipation of some blood. Botan asks Genkai to help, just then, a light came out of Kuwabara's mouth, and shot its way into the water after Yuusuke. The light binded to Yuusuke and temporarily drew the fish away. In his mind, it seems Kuwabara is talking to him, telling him that not to give up so early and that if he is going to give up so early, he might as well just be fish food. This served as a encouragement and strength supplement for Yuusuke.

With a sudden burst of strength and power, Yuusuke powered up his Reiki that broke him free from the Youki no Ito as well as generating a large explosion around him that blew the water upwards sky high. Rando was shocked to see the display of such power and that this power is managed to blow all of his pets into bits. It seems that Kuwbara in his subconscious mind have given some of his power to Yuusuke. However, Rando powered up his Reigan to await the moment Yuusuke surfaces from the water to deliver the final blow.

After a while, some bubbles came up and Rando didn't hesitate to shoot there. But Yuusuke instead jumped out of the pond that is behind Rando, telling him that the ponds are connected. Now he used whatever powers he has left to power up the Reigan. It seems Rando had the same idea. They both fired and the two Reigans met and battled. It seemed that Rando's power has the upper hand, but the end result shows otherwise as Yuusuke's Reigan passed through and sent him crashing into the pond that Yuusuke was once in.

Yuusuke is now exhausted as he coulnd't even lift his hands. Botan cheered and Genkai was amazed how much Yuusuke's power has improved. But it seems that the battle is not over yet, the pond begins to bobble, and followed by a massive upsurge of the pond water. There he is, Rando is still standing and it seems his power has evaporated the water around him. After commenting on how powerful that last blow was, Rando took the initiative and delivered some punches and kicks to Yuusuke.

Yuusuke, not being able to retaliate, fell to the ground. At this point, he can't clearly hear what Rando is telling him, maybe he's going to lose consciousness after all. Rando saw this and decided to do to Yuusuke what he did to Kuwabara. Surely enough, he started the chanting. Upon finishing, he is still debating how he'll finish Yuusuke off now that he'll shrink just like Kuwabara did. But something strange happened, it's not Yuusuke that shrunk, it was him!

What happened!? Genkai walked up and told him that this spell has the danger of being reflected back to the caster if failed. It only works if the target isn't paying much attention to it. Once the person knows about this fact, he can just cover up his/her ears to avoid this. But how does Yuusuke know about this? It seems that Yuusuke hasn't been able to hear anything since he got out of the water.... Because his ears were clogged by the algae in the pond waters. Hence, he was saved from the shrinking fate. Genkai further informed Rando that he failed because he didn't know the full uses and consequences of the techniques he stole.

Rando disagrees that he has lost and is about to chant the reverse spell. But Yuusuke isn't going to let this chance get away. With only the energy of a punch left, Yuusuke deliveredd a "massive" elbow drop to Rando, knocking him out cold. Yuusuke has won, and Genkai has announced him as her successor. Koenma was thrilled too about how far Yuusuke has come, but while he was busy watching the whole tournament, the amount of paper work he has to do piled up like little mountains.

Genkai is now appearing to use her powers on Kuwabara. Botan is ready to take Rando back into custody. Kuwabara will be ok as Genkai used her powers to reconnect the broken bones. Yuusuke was mused that Reihadou has this ability, but now declared that his mission is finished and that he's off to Tokyo Dome to watch the fights. Botan was surprised Yuusuke still remembered that. Yuusuke responded by saying that was the reason he has been working so hard. Genkai cut in by telling Yuusuke that as her successor, he must now stay for his basic training in Reihadou. Upon hearing this, our Reikai Tantei again fell to the ground, this time in disbelief. Exactly what kind of mess awaits him this time?