Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Rando Rises. Kuwabara Falls Randou

Kazemaru is on the floor, beaten down by his own technique. Genkai says that Kazemaru receives such a huge blow that he will be out for quite some time, and that the semi-finals will get to its last fight:

Kuwabara and Shourin set themselves into the field. Botan whispers to Yuusuke that this does not look good for Kuwabara, for if Shourin is indeed Randou, Kuwabara will be in a battle that he will regret.

Yuusuke rushes to Kuwabara’s side and whispers to him that he should back out of the fight, since Shourin is most likely to be the youkai Randou, and Kuwabara is not a match for him. Kuwabara enraged with the comment, he counter-comments that Yuusuke is only making excuses so that Kuwabara won’t win the tourney, and then he brags that after Shourin, Yuusuke will be the next to fall.

Yuusuke backs off from Kuwabara’s side, back to Botan’s side.

Botan tells Yuusuke that the truth is, Shourin is the last of her list to be Randou. Yuusuke adds that Shourin looks so innocent and harmless compared to the other fighters. And he continues this by saying that if Randou is indeed who Reikai claims he is, he should look a bit more menacing.

In Reikai, Koenma comments that Yuusuke and Botan should not be looking at physical feature. Off all the fighters that Randou fought, all ninety-nine, failed to win. And everyone who saw Randou’s face, does not last long enough to live to tell the tale. All of the ninety-nine people’s skill stolen by Randou.

Now the last semi-final fight starts!

Kuwabara rushes to Shourin, Shourin puts his defense up, and Kuwabara lands his punch in Shourin’s cheeks. Shourin gets thrown off because of the impact, and falls down on the field. Everyone is shocked, except Genkai, and Shourin says that Kuwabara is incredibly strong. Kuwabara, still shocked, tells Shourin that the fight is still starting and asks that if Shourin is okay. Shourin stands, comments that Kuwabara need not worry about his condition. And he rushes to attack Kuwabara, blow by blow, Kuwabara evades it easily, and in a quick attack, Kuwabara burrows down a closed-fist slam on Shourin’s head.

Yuusuke looks at this and asks Botan that if Shourin is indeed Randou. Since he does not show any above normal skill, and besides this, Kuwabara is beating him down. He continues that if it is possible that Randou has already been defeated, and that Shourin is just another competitor. Botan takes into consideration that it is possible, Yuusuke then thinks that is it possible that Randou maybe NOT one of the competitors, but rather is lurking around for an opportunity to obtain Genkai’s power.

Shourin falls down again, but this time he says that he cannot fight Kuwabara is terms of strength. He begins to radiate his reiki, Botan says that Shourin’s ki pattern is changing. After a few more ki developing, Shourin’s hand suddenly contain a fireball. He leaps and throws it to Kuwabara, the Kashou Happa Ken!

Kuwabara alerts himself of the attacks and evades it, it passes by him closely, and Shourin continues a barrage of the Kashou Happa Ken. Kuwabara gets pissed of this attack, and says that if Shourin wants a fight of ki, he will get one. And in an instant, Kuwabara uses his spirit sword, Reiken!

Shourin throws another fireball towards Kuwabara, but this time Kuwabara positions like a baseball player. As soon as the fireball reaches his vicinity, Kuwabara swings his sword like a bat hitting the fireball and deflecting the projectile back to Shourin. This is the Ochiai Ryuu Shui Dasha Ken!

Shourin angered by this, he starts to chant, saying out of this world kind of incantation. Yuusuke starts to wonder what this is all about. Genkai says that he remembers this kind of invocation, and that it can only be done by few, if not only one person.

Kuwabara ignores this invocation and rushes to Shourin, but Shourin finishes his invocation and he suddenly grows in size! Kuwabara is dwarfened by Shourin’s size. Before Kuwabara can really comment, he sees a caterpillar on his side, and it is also huge. This only concludes to one thing, Kuwabara shrunk!

Shourin takes a few steps towards Kuwabara, and soon he grabs Kuwabara from the ground, and squishes him. He says that now that the tides have turned, he will test what Kuwabara’s strength’s limit. He tears off Kuwabara’s sleeve, and starts to twist and push it up from the elbow part. Kuwabara can feel his arm being screwed, and shouts in pain. In one instant moment, Shourin breaks Kuwabara’s arm. Bone has been shattered, and muscles have been twisted.

Yuusuke angered by the situation shouts out, he tells Genkai that he will step into the fight now, but Genkai says that she will stop the fight. She tells to Shourin that the fight is over, Kuwabara lost.

Shourin only says that he will enjoy the moment longer, he crushes Kuwabara’s body, and Kuwabara shouts louder in pain. Yuusuke, now anger filled, rushes to Shourin telling him to let go of Kuwabara, and at the same time, Yuusuke shows a sign of hostility. But Shourin throws Kuwabara away, and in a short invocation, Kuwabara returns to normal size.

Shourin says that he can use the invocation against a lot of people, but since it takes a long time to cast, he cannot use it sparingly. And he directs that with Genkai’s power, hundreds of people are nothing.

Yuusuke and Botan rush to Kuwabara’s side, examining his body. Botan says that Kuwabara’s arms are both broken and shattered, broken ribs and his body is totally sore. Kuwabara says that even if all of his bones are broken, he will still fight Yuusuke, since their fight is not over. Then Kuwabara falls unconscious on the spot.

Yuusuke holds Kuwabara’s face then clenches his fists. He stands up and looks at Shourin.

The final match in the tourney...

Shourin comments that Yuusuke’s reiki is showing its greatness, and that the spirits in the field is also aiding Yuusuke, without warning Yuusuke rushes to Shourin. Punching Shourin down on the cheek, with a reiki filled knuckle, blowing Shourin away. Shourin is shocked at Yuusuke’s power, he did not expect such a strength and power is contained in Yuusuke’s body. But once he tries to move, his legs does not want to move.

Yuusuke continues to beat Shourin up, and after a while, Shourin gets off. Face beaten and body already sore, he concludes that he must use techniques against Yuusuke. He jumps into the air, and focus his power, yet again, another different ki pattern.

Genkai says that this technique is a famous fighter’s technique, only that it is another unique style. It uses ki to create a vacuum around the user, and focusing it to create violent winds that attacks and lacerates its target.

Yuusuke looks with awe to Shourin, and in an instant the attack has been unleashed, the Zankuu Reppa Jin. It immediately goes down, cutting the field grass and crossing into Yuusuke’s shoulders. Yuusuke is down, and Shourin shows satisfaction. Not long, Yuusuke stands up again, Shourin admits that Yuusuke is unusual, since everyone who gets hit by the Zankuu Reppu Jin does not get up.

Shourin jumps again, and readies to attack with his wind technique. As he unleashes it, Yuusuke jumps up and he intentionally crosses the wind attack. He goes in between them, forearms covering his face, using his reiki to protect himself a bit, he receives wounds from the wind attack, but not enough to put him down.

Crossing his forearms as he reached closed to Shourin, and in a sudden move, Yuusuke uses his hand and forearm to lock Shourin’s neck and he takes him down. They crash into the ground with a strong thud sound.

Yuusuke stands up to see that Shourin is knocked out. Koenma is shocked that Yuusuke actually won the contest. Botan says that it is an incredible feat and Yuusuke truly won it. Yuusuke walks towards Genkai, only to be told, by Genkai, that the fight is just starting. Yuusuke turns around, and hears laughing. The ground shakes and crumbles, from Shourin, the ground opens and from it appears a menacing creature.

Laughing at the site, Randou finally appears, and Genkai claims that the true final fight will truly start now