Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Hard Fights for Yusuke

Our hero again finds himself in a tough spot when he hit the ground after the massive clothesline from Kibano. While the others are wondering if Yuusuke has been defeated, Kibano smiled, asking whether that's all Yuusuke's got. Koenma begs Yuusuke to get up to his feet while watching from Reikai. Yuusuke managed to get up, but is barely standing. Kibano complimented on Yuusuke on having a remarkably strong body and fast reflexes, and being able to avoid a sure-fatal blow in the last minute. Still, Kibano feels his victory closely at hand.

Kuwabara and Botan thought that the situation is hopeless for Yuusuke. Genkai Shihan doubted that, as she knows Yuusuke is the kind of person whose Reiki dramatically grows in dangerous and dramatic situations. Yuusuke is trying to come up with a plan to counterattack, but he's still in the dark, how will he do it? Suddenly, something popped in his mind that just might work! Just as he was about to proceed, Kibano's punch came from the darkness that hit Yuusuke.

However, Yuusuke didn't lose balance, instead he ended up got a hold on off Kibano's outstretched hand, which briefly suprised Kibano. Now as Yuusuke is now proceeding to break Kibano's right arm, Kibano commented that as the master of all types of martial arts, he also excels in grappling moves. Upon finishing his words, he grabbed Yuusuke and started spinning him over his head and executed his next killer move: Zantou Senpuu Geki.

Our hero literally became absorbed in the form of a tornado as he was tossed out and hit the wall and ground once again. Kuwabara wondered how Yuusuke even stand a chance when he can't see in the dark while his opponent is a master grappler. Botan believed that the Reigan is his only chance, but it seems unlikely. Genkai called out to Yuusuke, telling him that if he doesn't get a hold of himself, he won't survive this.

Kibano again asks whether Yuusuke is ready to give up as he doesn't stand a chance. Yuusuke announced that he will be the winner as the next time Kibano tries to attack, it'll be his victory. Kibano doesn't believe him, but after Yuusuke asked whether he's too scared to attack. Kibano is now furious and decided to finish his opponent once and for all. He again charged up his Daiwan Koubakushou and blended back into the darkness.

It doesn't seem Yuusuke really have any plans, Kibano thinks Yuusuke is just bluffing as he doesn't even have a clue where his opponent is. So Kibano charged in straight on. Yuusuke is now powering up his Reigan and fired it off as Kibano is now within his sight! The shot hit Kibano straight in the forehead, piercing through his iron helmet as well as breaking it into pieces.

But how? Kibano wondered how Yuusuke knows where he is. Yuusuke asked him to check out his waist before he faints. He looked and found a lit cigarette tacked onto his belt. Yuusuke explained that cigarette was the one thrown at him by Genkai prior to the fight. He found it still lit and before he was tossed away, he managed to slide it on Kibano's belt. Now he knows where his opponent is, he fired the Reigan with precision. Upon learning this, Kibano lost consciousness. Genkai announced Urameshi Yuusuke as the winner!

Getting back with the group, Kuwabara asked what the heck was that Yuusuke fired. Yuusuke explained that it's his Reigan created by concentration of Reiki, much similar to the way Kuwabara's Reiken is generated. Kuwabara wanted to see if they can trade powers as he doesn't think a sword is as cool as a gun. But Botan calmed him down. Genkai didn't waste any time in announcing that the Semi-finals will now begin. It's Kazemaru vs. Yuusuke!

Kazemaru is definitely ready as he has rested well, but Yuusuke has just been in battle and have used up his Reigan. He complained this to Genkai, but the master didn't pay too much attention to his plea by saying this was all determined by drawing lots. She went ahead and announced that the Semi-final matches will be taken at a different place. As the others proceeded to follow her to the new battlegrounds, Botan discussed with Yuusuke that now that the competition have again narrowed, it seems that either Kazemaru and Shourin must be Rando in disguise.

The party stopped at a swampy area. Genkai informed them that this place is an ancient battle site where many spirits of the dead wandered here aimlessly. Kuwabara, with his heightened spirit sense, immediately felt the unresting spirits around this place. Genkai explained that this place with high spirit concentration is perhaps the best place for spirit users like themselves to do battle. Kazemaru can't help but rubbing it in that he felt his power growing stronger. But when Botan asked Yuusuke how he felt, Yuusuke doesn't seem to have too much power with him to fire the Reigan. At this point, Yuusuke hopes that Kazemaru is not Rando, or else he definitely won't stand a chance. As the two semi-finalists faced off, Genkai announced the start of the fight!

Kazemaru again rubbed in on Yuusuke's unlucky situation. Koenma believed that Yuusuke doesn't stand much of a chance and he'll be responsible if anything happen to Yuusuke. One of his servents ran in and told him that he has a call. Koenma, obviously too busy watching this fight than answering some call, pretended to be an answer machine to pass by, but it turns out that it's Enma Daiou, his father calling him, and he doesn't sound very pleased that Koenma is not "there" doing his job. Koenma freaked, but before he could answer back, his father hung up. Trying to blame this on the servent that gave him the phone, another one of Koenma's servents called to his attention that the fight has already started.

What Koenma saw wasn't pleasing, as Yuusuke is being pelted by flurries of punches by Kazemaru and knocked to the ground. Kazemaru is surprised that Yuusuke is also a fighter using spirit energy as projectiles but he'll settle defeating Yuusuke with his bare hands. Yuusuke doubted his chances, as his foot slipped into the mud right next to him, Kazemaru's second wave of punches hit. But like a sandbag, Yuusuke doesn't have anything left to dodge or fight back. As Kazemaru was about to deliver the final blow to his downed opponent, Yuusuke managed to use whatever energy he has left to dodge the punch and delivered an uppercut of his own.

But Kazemaru managed to avoid the attack in time by back flipping, but the force from the punch managed to give a blood-drawing scratch on Kazemaru's face. Kazemaru now understands that he has underestimated his opponent. Trying to play it safe, he reached into his shirt and took out handfuls of Shurikens and tossed them at Yuusuke. Yuusuke easily dodged those, but Kazemaru doesn't seem to have a bit of worry on his face as he just crossed his arms and smiled.

Yuusuke asked him why he could be so calm, he just avoided his attacks. Kazemaru's expression told him otherwise. Botan and Kuwabara warned Yuusuke that the Shurikens are coming back towards him! Yuusuke managed to dodge this round again. Kazemaru reaffirmed him that his Shurikens can lock onto the spirit energy of the target and will not stop until they hit. After several near misses, Yuusuke decided to head for a tree to make the Shurikens hit the tree as he'll jump away in the last second. This seemed to work, but as the Shuriken hit the tree trunk, they exploded and the blast sent Yuusuke flying. Out of the smoke came the Shuriken, unscathed.

Kazemaru mentioned that the Shurikens will explode on impact, even if one manages to dodge the blades themselves, they won't survive the explosion. Upon commenting on how wonderful his technique is, he laughed out loud. Kuwabara and Botan watched helplessly, Koenma wonder if Kazemaru is Rando. Is Yuusuke really finished? But the righteousness in him tells him that if this guy is indeed Rando, he definitely can't let him win. So he decided on something as the Shurikens made another pass toward him. He runs towards, Kuwabara!?

Kuwabara thought Yuusuke is out of his mind, but Yuusuke merely ran by him, tell him that the rest is up to him and ran straight for Kazemaru. Kuwabara didn't know what he meant, but Genkai told him that Yuusuke is hoping to take Kazemaru down along with him. Kuwabara called out to Yuusuke, telling him not to go through with it. Kazemaru sees this as well, but he can still fire his Reiki from his palms so he powered it up to hit Yuusuke head on with it. Suddenly Yuusuke disappeared from his view, but the Shurikens that were after Yuusuke didn't stop, but instead is coming straight for Kazemaru. Seeing what is going to happen, Kazemaru put up his guard, but it's too late. The Shurikens exploded in his face.

While flying into the air due to the blast, Kazemaru still pondered where Yuusuke vanished to. As Botan and Kuwabara searched for their friend, Kuwabara asked Botan if Yuusuke knows how to turn invisible, Botan just shook her head as she doesn't know what's going on either. They suddenly heard some gargling sound, a out stretched hand was waving back and forth in a swamp puddle nearby. It's Yuusuke!

Pulling him out of the pond, Kuwabara was surprised Yuusuke had this plan up his sleeves. But Yuusuke told him that he was in there because he accidentally slipped and fell in. Yuusuke asked where his opponent is, Kuwabara points to the now fallen Kazemaru. Yuusuke can't believe it. Did he actually win? Genkai came up and explained that when Yuusuke suddenly disappeared, the Shurikens that were after Yuusuke instead homed in onto Kazemaru's Reiki charged up palm. So Yuusuke's victory is purely luck, a fluke. Kazemaru lost his conscious in disbelief. But Yuusuke is alright with it, a win is a win.

But it seems that Kazemaru isn't Rando in disguise, as Botan can't seem to sense any Youki from the downed Kazemaru. So does this mean that.... Before they can think any further, Genkai announced the start of the of the 2nd round of the Semi-final, pitting Kuwabara Kazuma vs. Shourin. Is Shourin really Rando?