Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Kuwabara’s Spirit Sword Kazemaru, Kuroda, Musashi, Shourin, and Kibano

Genkai leads the eight competitors back to the temple and closes the doors, leaving them all in the dark. She lights a small lamp in the center of the room, but all the rest is under complete darkness. A draw defines whose going to fight whom in the next round; they can use any objects or weapons they want, but must fight in the dark. And they are to return back to the lighted area after they win, and also Genkai smokes her cigarette.

Kuwabara is tense and tells Yuusuke he has been sensing an evil presence since the crossing of the Devil Forest. He claims to feel demons and spirits chasing him, but Yuusuke only nods, and he comments that Rando must be here, among the people.

Kuwabara asks who Rando is. But Yuusuke only shrugs it to the side, by saying that it is a long story and what’s important is to pin point who it comes from. Kuwabara confirms it comes within someone, but says he can't tell which of the other competitors is emanating that evil ki.

At Reikai, Koenma stopped stamping documents to watch the fights. Many onis carrying huge piles of paper look attentively at the video screen. Awaiting the incidents to begin.

The first fight is between the ninja Kazemaru and the expert in knives Kuroda. The latter warns Genkai that he's a professional killer and always fights to the death. The shihan agrees that the fight is serious, those who fear dying shouldn't take part in it.

Kuroda asks and makes sure that if he wins the tourney, will Genkai offer her powers to a killer. Genkai says she'll teach the winner, whoever he is, no matter his character and background. Hearing this, Yuusuke realizes he has to win to make sure her doctrine won't fall in the hands of an evil man, or his target Rando.

Kuroda and Kazemaru walk to a dark corner and start the fight. Yusuke can only hear the sounds they make, but Kuwabara senses that the Kuroda is winning, until Kazemaru releases a ball of energy from his hand and hits Kuroda, prevailing in that combat. Kazemaru returns injured, but still in the game. Yuusuke wonders if that energy ball is like the Reigan. A voice suddenly assures that it is in a sense.

Yuusuke runs out of the temple to find Botan outside. She says she's very worried; Kazemaru must have trained very hard to achieve that kind of power and learn to release it with the entire hand.

Kuwabara comes to call Yuusuke back to watch the next fight, but halts when he sees Botan. Kuwabara reacts uncertainly, and he catches Yuusuke in a stranglehold, and badmouths Yuusuke on cheating on Keiko.

Botan introduces herself as assistant Tantei and summons her oar, sitting on it. Kuwabara sees her floating a few inches over the ground and gasps, letting Yuusuke go. Urameshi tells him that she's a Reikai personnel who forced him into the Reikai Tantei business. Yuusuke briefly complies his case, that Rando is hiding under someone’s skin, and that the evil ki is coming from Rando, or from one of the people.

But Kuwabara is more interested in confirming that Botan isn't Yusuke's girlfriend. He holds her hands, looks straight into her eyes and asks her to marry him. He gives words of love and passion to Botan. Suddenly there's smoke in the air, actually, but not from Kuwabara’s heart. Genkai threw her cigarette on his shoulder to call their attention and his shirt in burning. Calling them back in, the boys and Botan run inside. Genkai recognizes the girl as Koenma's messenger, and restates that her choice is who will win in the tournament.

The next fight is between Shorin, first grade in kenpo, and the Chinese nomad Chinpou. It doesn't take long until Shorin returns from the darkness, hurt and commenting that his adversary was hard to beat.

In the third fight Kuwabara faces Musashi, a fourth grade in kendo. Yuusuke tells his old rival to try not to get killed. But Kuwabara shows off his boastful attitude again, claiming that he won’t lose not until he beats Yuusuke. Botan is worried about him, but Yusuke says that Kuwabara’s courage will pull him through.

At first Kuwabara manages to use his sense abilities to "see" Musashi in the dark, but suddenly his adversary disappears. He practiced the spiritual arts for many years and can easily manipulate them. Kuwabara is hit by several punches from the enemy he can't see. It isn’t looking good at all.

Botan cheers for Kuwabara and Yuusuke yells at him to stop playing around and fight seriously. From the dark corner, Kuwabara retorts that he knows what he's doing and that Urameshi should be more concerned about himself. He then tells Musashi he's been practicing withstanding Urameshi's punches for many years too.

Musashi then unsheathes his sacred wooden sword made of a thousand-year-old wood and blessed with divine water. He hits Kuwabara with it hundreds of times. Kuwabara falls, but the sword breaks. Shocked, he claims that Kuwabara holds a lot of ki inside that it can withstand and break the sword. Musashi starts walking towards the lit center of the room.

However, Kuwabara grabs the broken piece of the sword and stands up, calling Musashi back to the fight. Musashi attacks again with the sword, but a burst of light comes from the piece of wood Kuwabara is holding, completing the sword with pure energy, a spark of incredible light flashes. Genkai explains that ki turning into matter is an ability hidden in some people, but it manifests itself at the sight of danger. Coming from the abstract shape into a concrete one.

With the spiritual sword Reiken, Kuwabara breaks Musashi's sword again and defeats him. Genkai muses that the boy's power tends to grow more and more now.

Next fight: Yuusuke Urameshi versus Kibano. Kuwabara tells Yuusuke not to lose until their fight. But Yuusuke takes too long to move to the dark corner, enraging Genkai, who throws her cigarette on him, forcing him to hasten himself or he will be disqualified. Yuusuke takes off his jacket and steps into the darkness.

He can't see a thing, but comforts himself by remembering that Kibano can't see either. But Kibano says that he can see Yuusuke, and it is very clear that the dark isn’t as disadvantaging to him as to Yuusuke.

Yuusuke comments that Kibano isn’t as good as Kuwabara, and takes a step backwards. But for some reason, Kibano says that Yuusuke took a step backwards.

Yuusuke wonders how he knows, and Kuwabara uses his sense abilities to "see" the two fighters in the dark. He notices Kibano is using a mask that can aid in tracking Yuusuke’s ki. With that mask, Kibano will have no difficulties to hit Yuusuke with strong punches and kicks.

Yuusuke tries to orient his strikes by the sound of Kibano's steps, but still Kibano has the advantage. To make things worse, Kibano uses his powers to grow the muscles of the right arm, making his punches even more devastating. With the first hit, Yuusuke falls and doesn't seem to have the strength to stand up.