Yu Yu Hakusho

Episode Title Characters Introduced
Surprised to be Dead Yuusuke, Keiko, Iwamoto-sensei, Takenaka-sensei, Atsuko, Kuwabara, and Botan
Japanese Episode Title
Shindara Odoroita! (Surprising Death)

The show starts showing a ball bouncing in the middle of the street, then a male person in green outfit jumps up and pushes a young boy out of the street and in exchange, car crashes into him. Soon after he sees himself floating in the sky and he approaches his own body, and tries to convince paramedics that he is still alive, but alas he is dead. He is Yuusuke Urameshi, age 14. Soon after he tries to remember what happened that day...

Here is the flashback... A female person walks up the stairs, walking to the roof of the school. And soon sees Yuusuke up there. Sitting in the side, and they have a little talk about school activities and situations. But as Yuusuke's personality will prove, he doesn't give crap about it. He throws up the girl's skirt, which walks in the name of Keiko, and Yuusuke receives a slap. As Keiko walks down the stairs, two other school female talk to her, about why isn't she afraid of the delinquent Yuusuke Urameshi. And details of his evilness, which is of course overrated, but Keiko disproves all of it, saying that he is not evil and sort. The picture shifts back to Yuusuke, where the in the loud speaker the headmaster calls for him. And he walks away not minding it, until he sees two men who are talking about how one of them gets to get a wallet of a person by just using Yuusuke's name. Enraged, Yuusuke confronts the two, but before he could do anything, Iwamoto-sensei comes and stops it, and he predicts that Yuusuke is about to steal their wallets out of them by frightening them. And of course, Yuusuke just has to live with it. He decides to go out of school and before he goes out he is confronted by the headmaster, Takenaka-sensei who tells him not to leave, but alas, Yuusuke still leaves. Going back home, Yuusuke sees his mother, Atsuko, smoking a cigarette and is still sitting down on bed. They get into a small talk fight, about school, sermons and livelihood, and he leaves again. Walking down a narrow road, he is blocked by 3 of his schoolmates, and a person who is fond of fighting Yuusuke appears, his name is Kazuma Kuwabara. Immediately, Yuusuke beats the heck out of Kuwabara and leaves. During the walk at the road, he sees a soccer ball coming at him through the floor, picking it up and giving it back to the boy, he gives a short lecture, and realizes what he is doing, and instead makes faces to cheer the kid up. But after Yuusuke crosses the road, he sees the kid playing with he ball again and the ball goes into the road, and thus that is what happened on that day.

Yuusuke realizes that he is dead and before anything else, a ghost or rather a messenger in the name of Botan appears. She is a cute messenger by the way. Anyway, she tells him about it, and she also says that he is still here as a ghost because of unfinished or uncalmed spirit. They talk a bit of it and Yuusuke desires to see what happened to the boy he saved. They go to the hospital and see the boy to only have a minor injury and he is ok. Yuusuke satisfied, he tells Botan that he is ready to go to the after life, but Botan tells him that he isn't supposed to be dead. Shocked by this, Botan tells him more that in a repeated cycle of events, a person like Yuusuke wouldn't have saved a child, but Yuusuke did. She reveals that Yuusuke's sacrifice isn't exactly appropriate because if he didn't step in to save the boy, the boy would still be ok. Yuusuke intensely pissed, still accepts it. And she tells Yuusuke that he can still be revived but he must accept an ordeal from the Reikai (Spirit World). Yuusuke says that he is fine that he is dead, no one would miss him and no one cares for him anymore. But Botan says that he should his mourning night before he decides. That night he sees a lot of person in his house, some are still laughing in that situation, which Yuusuke says that they don't care about him. But he sees Keiko crying her eyes out because of his death, he couldn't believe that she could cry for him. And from afar comes a voice very familiar, Kuwabara comes to his house, demanding Yuusuke to stop pretending to be dead and fight him, and tells Yuusuke that it is not fair for him to be dead. Kuwabara gives a few tears and is pulled out by his friends. On the outside, the two teachers who are obviously against Yuusuke in all possible ways, are saying that it is a good deal that Yuusuke died, leaving a good name for their school too, and that the saving act must have been an accident, but both of them got a short sermon from the Headmaster who appears at the back of them. The headmaster gives Yuusuke some words of hope and that he could've have done something good in his life if he still lives. Then Yuusuke sees his mother, Atsuko, crying, he couldn't believe that his mother cared for him too, and then the child and his mom comes in, the child is the person Yuusuke saved. Both of them offer Yuusuke peace and honors him. As the boy leaves, he tells his mom that if Yuusuke would be fine, and if he becomes a good boy will Yuusuke quickly recover but his mother only gives him a hug. Afterwards Yuusuke sees Botan again and now decides to receive the ordeal or rather job from the Reikai, and they set off to the Reikai.