We have created an online Rockman card game using the apprentice program. It's fun and simple to play so I hope you enjoy it. To setup apprentice follow these easy steps:

-Download the apprentice program from here, and install it.

-After you install it download the Rockman CCG patch from here. After you unzip you should see the cardinfo.dat file. Copy and paste it into the C:/Apprentice/Sets folder.

-Now you are ready to download the playing field. You can download it from here. After you unzip it copy and paste the "rockman_field.bmp" into the C:/Apprentics/Graphix folder.

-Now open up apprentice and click on options on the top. Then click preferances and then click background. Click change and go to the Graphix folder and select the rockman_field.bmp. Also check the box that says "tile". Now hit ok.

Congratulations. You now have apprentice fully installed. For anymore questions check the FAQ section.

Restricted List

If you want to submit a deck, field, or have a question for the F.A.Q., then send an e-mail to velv_webmasters@yahoo.com. You may not host or direct link to these files on your site.

All properties of "Mega Man (Rockman)" are the copyrights of Capcom. Rockman CCG is just a profitless fan game. However all original parts of Rockman CCG belongs to their creator.