Rockman CCG F.A.Q.

Apprentice Questions

Q:How do I make a deck?
A:Open up apprentice and go to File>Deck Editor.

Q:How do I save/load a deck that I made?
A:Click the second button on top of the deck editor box. To save click on the floppy disk icon on top.

Q:How do I go online to play? A:Go to File>New Game. Make sure the connect via internet button is clicked, and set your starting cards in hand to 5. Also don't forget to load your deck. Then hit ok. If you give the opponent your IP then click waiting, if they give you their IP then put it in the calling box and click ok.

Q:How do I flip a coin?
A:Hold onto CTRL and press F.

Q:How do I change my name?
A:Go to Options>Set Name

Q:How do I draw a card?
A:Hold onto CTRL and press D.

Card Game Questions

Q:How do we determine who goes first in a match?
A:Call a side (heads or tails). Then flip a coin, whoever was right gets to go first.

Q:During the first turn of the match, do I draw a card?

Q:How do I revive a card from the graveyard (1 UP)?
A:Go View>My Graveyard and drag the monster cards out of the box.