Mobile Fighter G Gundam Special Technique Guide (English Version)

Shuffle Alliance

Shining Gundam - Pilot: Domon Kasshu
Shining Finger - The Shining Gundam's hand begins to glow and is used to smash a part of the Mobile Suit.
Shining Finger Sword - Super Mode only. While performing the Shining Finger the Shining Gundam draws its sword to strike the opponent.

Burning Gundam - Pilot: Domon Kasshu
Erupting Burning Finger - Burning Gundam's hand begins to burn and sticks it into to mobile suit.
Heat End - Used after the Erupting Burning Finger, it sends a heat wave through the mobile suit.
Burning Slash - Burning Gundam takes its sword and slashes the enemy.
Sekiha Tenkyoken - Burning Gundam unleashes a giant blast from its hand.
Sekiha Tenkyoken Burning Finger Heat End - Burning Gundam shoots a gigantic heat blast from its hand and engulfs the enemy in flames. Then the enemy blows up from the Heat End.

Bolt Gundam - Pilot: Argo Gulskii
Graviton Hammer - Bolt Gundam's shoulder pops off and is linked to an energy chain. It can now be swung around.
Gaia Crusher - Hyper Mode only. Bolt Gundam smashes the ground to make the earth crack open. It also make large pieces of rock come out of the ground to trap opponents.

Dragon Gundam - Pilot: Sai Saici
Dragon Fire - Dragon Gundam shoots fire from its claws.
Fei Long Flag - Dragon Gundam throws polls to trap the enemy. Then an energy flag comes out from the poll and damages them.
Shin Ryuusei Kochouken - Hyper Mode only. Dragon Gundam jumps in the air and grows wings. Then hurls itself into the opponent as a desperation attack.

Gundam Maxter - Pilot: Chibodee Crocket
Burning Punch - Maxter's hand begins to burn and then he punches the enemy.
Cyclone Punch - Maxter shoots up a blue blast from the ground.
Machine Gun Punch - Hyper Mode only. Maxter hurls 7 energy fists towards the opponent.

Rose Gundam - Pilot: George de Sand
Rose Bits - Rose petals shoot from Rose's shoulder and attack the enemy.
Rose Hurricane - Hyper Mode only. Rose Gundam creates a rose hurricane.

Other Heroes

Noble Gundam - Pilot: Allenby Beardsly
Noble Hoola Hoop - Noble Gundam creates an energy hoola hoop and throws it at the enemy.

Rising Gundam - Pilot: Rain Mikamura
Rising Arrow - Rising Gundam takes a part off of each of its shoulders and holds on to it like a Bow. It then shoots an Energy Arrow from it.


Master Gundam - Pilot: Master Asia
Darkness Finger - Opposite of the Shining Finger. Master's hand begins to darken and then smashes it into the enemy.
Sekiha Tenkyoken - Hyper Mode only. Shoots a giant blast from the hand.

Neros Gundam - Pilot: Michelo Chariot
Silver Kick - Shoots an energy blasts from it's legs.

Other Techniques

Erupting Double Burning Finger - When two pilots perform the Burning Finger together.
Erupting Shuffle Blast Attack - Hyper Mode only. Performed when the five Shuffle Alliance memebers are together. They charge a gigantic blast in the air and hurl it toward the enemy.
Erupting Burning Finger Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken - The ULTIMATE attack. Performed when two pilots are in the same cockpit. The Gundam charges an energy blast from its hands and shoots it at the enemy as a heart shaped blast.


Berserker Mode - A system that makes the pilot go berserk. It can increase their strength by 120%.
Super Mode - Performed when Domon had a clear mind, body, and soul. Shining Gundam only.
Hyper Mode - Performed when the pilot has perfected their ultimate technique. They must be of pure mind, body, and soul at the time.