Trigun Review

Story (23/25)
The story is really good. It starts off REALLY slow but picks up at a great pace around episode 9. The story starts off with Milly and Meryl (who come from an insurance agency) searching for the humanoid typhoon, the $$60,000,000,000 man, Vash the Stampede. He is known for causing so much trouble and destroying several cities, so he is feared by most people. Milly and Meryl end up finding a man who matches the description perfectly but there is one thing wrong... he isn't violent at all. As a matter of fact this guy settles everything without any violence. Once they start to believe that he is Vash the Stampede, they start traveling and soon get joined by Nicholas D. Wolfwood. From here it just keeps getting better.

Visuals (19/25)
The visuals were pretty impressive for its time, though it isn't as good as Cowboy Bebops it is still nice. The character designs took a while to get used to but they are still nice and unique.

Audio (18/25)
There are some really good rock-ish sounding tracks but the rest are just average sounding.

Concept (20/25)
There were definitely tons of original concepts... most of which are spoilers so I won't be mentioning them. Lets just say that most of them revolve around Vash, Legato, Knives, and Wolfwood. Not to mention the world was pretty original too.

Overall (80/100) 8.0
Overall I would say this is a must watch for any anime fan, old or new.