Onegai Teacher Review

Story (25/25)
The story is... amazing. It is the best I have ever seen in a Romance/Drama anime. The plot had so many twists that it was always surprising me. The character development was also spectacular. The characters had such great personalities that you end up feeling sad when something goes wrong. The story starts off with a boy named Kei Kusanagi laying down in a field relaxing at night. All of a sudden he sees a spaceship come down from the sky and crash into the water, and inside of it he sees a young woman. He runs home scared and goes to sleep because he has school. The next day at class he finds out he has a new teacher...

Visuals (24/25)
The character designs are great! Each of them look different and show their personality just from their design. The characters clothes were also well drawn in my opinion. Also the backgrounds were very detailed.

Audio (24/25)
Wow. The opening and endings are great but the BGM's are really just amazing. The music can get so dramatic, and sad, that it sets the mood perfectly and fits with the characters emotions.

Concept (25/25)
Onegai Teacher was amazing in every way possible. All of it's ideas were original and well thought of. The unexpected plot twists and cliffhangers really made it enjoyable to watch.

Overall (98/100) 9.8
This is the perfect series to watch if you want an excellent story with top notch characters. Currently there are only 12 episodes and 1 OVA released but they are working on another season!