Outlaw Star Review

Story (20/25)
Outlaw Star has a really great and interesting story. It starts off with an outlaw named Gene Starwind and his partner Jim Hawking. They have a business called Starwind and Hawking Enterprises. Their job is doing... well they'll do anything as long as they're getting paid. Gene and Jim soon get involved with a woman named Hilda, who is involved with the Kei Pirates. Hilda wants to get a special ship and a case before the Kei Pirates get to it. They find the case first... and inside there is a girl!? Yes a girl, her name is Melfina. Then when they find the ship, she is the main part of the ship, she goes inside of a tank and basically controls it. From here the story gets a bit more complicated and even more interesting. Soon they get joined by more cast members. Their names are Aisha, a ctarl-ctarl, and Suzuka, a deadly assassin. All in all the characters and the story are really good and original.

Visuals (16/25)
Nothing visually amazing is in this anime. Everything is mediocre at best. Some of the characters look a little odd, but you'll get used to it. I mean, it's not bad enough to where you'll stop watching it because of that. The ships designs were really nice in my opinion, especially the battles.

Audio (22/25)
Outlaw Star has some of the best BGM's in my opinion. Such great tracks like Hack, Power, and Desire really set the mood for when they're played. It adds a nice feel to the scenes. The Opening "Through the Night" is also an outstanding opening. It is one of my favorite J-Rock songs. Another great track is "Edge", which is Gene's character song from the OST.

Concept (20/25) Outlaw Star is really original with their weapons/technology. The ships were a great idea to me since there werenít only normal ships but another kind called a "Grappler Ship". It's a ship that has long arms and can equip weapons, and fight well in close range combat. Another original idea was the Tao magic. Tao magic is an attack magic that is used by the Kei Pirates while they shout out the chant spell, "Pa Gu Ah Sun Fa". Tao magic can be cancelled out though by the rare and antique weapon called the "Caster Gun". A caster gun uses bullets called "Caster Shells" which are mana based bullets. There are caster shells #'s 1-20. Each of which do their own thing such as shooting a type of elemental blast, or drain some of your life in exchange for sucking the enemy into a black void. Two caster guns will cancel each other out though. Another interesting device is the "Shield". The shields are worn around the wrist and looks like a skin tight watch. They can deflect small attacks and hurt opposing shield users if they are opposites. Such as light hurts dark. These concepts and ideas are really original in my opinion.

Overall (78/100) 7.8
I'd say it is the perfect series for someone who wants a space anime filled with action, fantastic storyline, and unforgettable characters. This is definitely a must buy for even the casual anime fan.