Noir Review

Story (24/25)
Mireille Bouquet, a top assassin receives an e-mail from a young girl named Kirika Yuumura. The e-mail said "Join me on a pilgrimage to the past". Mireille curious as to what it meant goes to the meeting place that was mentioned in the letter. When she arrives Kirika is sitting down holding onto a mysterious locket. They exchange a few words, but are soon attacked by some men. They kill them easily though. Mireille and Kirika join up and form the assassin team known as Noir.

Visuals (25/25)
The animation and effects were stunning. Everything flowed so perfectly, and they also used some nice effects to make it seem more "real", such as the "blurring" effect when looking at different angles. The Character designs were all amazing and unique, even the less important characters were designed nicely.

Audio (25/25)
Yuki Kaijura is the best composer/artist EVER. She is amazing! All of her songs fit the settings perfectly. No matter what type of theme is needed, she did it perfectly. I especially love Canta per me, Kopperia no Hitsugi, Salva nos, Chloe, and Aka to Kuro.

Concept (24/25)
The originality of this is simply amazing. All of the ideas were executed perfectly.

Overall (98/100) 9.8
Overall this is one of my favorite anime, and it is a must see. At least watch it for the sake of seeing Chloe, one of the coolest anime characters!