Hikaru no Go Review

Story (22/25)
The story starts off with a boy named Hikaru Shindou and his friend Akari running in the rain. Hikaru suggests that they stop at his grandfathers shed to dry off and get a little warmer. Hikaru finds his grandfathers Go board and sees a blood stain on it. He then hears the voice of a 1,000 year old Go player named Sai. From here the story and characters develop so much that you end up feeling a closeness to the characters whenever something happens.

Visuals (20/25)
All of the characters in Hikaru no Go definitely have had a great amount of thought put into their designs. The characters have alot of detail put into them. My favorite design is Sai. I think they did a great job on him and his costume.

Audio (24/25)
This anime easily has one of my favorite OST's. The openings and endings are perfect. I knew when I first heard the opening that I was going to love this series. The BGM's are also very good. Some of my favorites are a sad BGM they play when Sai thinks about his past, and a nice BGM when two of the characters play an important Go match.

Concept (20/25)
When I first read about this anime I thought "Come on, an anime based around Go? The creators must be crazy.". Boy, was I wrong. The idea of using Go is genius, because it fits so well with the characters and the story. The whole idea of Sai meeting Hikaru like that was brilliant.

Overall (86/100) 8.6
Overall I would say this is a great series for almost anyone. It has a very deep storyline, and fun and interesting characters. You'll like this even more if you are a fan of Go.