Hellsing Review

Story (19/25)
Alucard... a vampire who hunts and kills other vampires for the Hellsing family. On one of his missions he finds a young female cop named Seras Victoria. He is forced into killing her to take out the vampire that was holding her down. Alucard, feeling sorry for her decides to give her the option of becoming a vampire. She agrees and he sires her. Seras joins Alucard and the Hellsing family in order to save England from the creatures of the night.

Visuals (22/25)
All of the characters had unique designs. Alucard is the best though in my opinion because he looks so creepy. Especially when he smiles... The battles were done nicely and the backgrounds were amazing.

Audio (19/25)
The music in Hellsing is great. It's a nice mixture of blues/rock that makes the setting for this anime so good.

Concept (19/25)
I have always liked vampires/demons and the like *coughBuffyandAngelcough*, so Hellsing was a real treat for me. I like all of the characters personalities too, especially Alucard's. Not to mention the fact that all of his moves and techniques were very cool.

Overall (79/100) 7.9
Overall this is a great series that should be watched by everyone, and for those of you who like to complain about the story or how come there isn't a second season, then I suggest reading the manga since it went further into the story then the anime.