Mobile Fighter G Gundam Review

Story (19/25)
The story starts off with Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu, and his partner Rain Mikamura, who want to find his brother Kyoji, and the Devil Gundam. The story gets much better and exciting towards the end. Most of the characters have unique personalities also.

Visuals (18/25)
G Gundam's character designs were nice and refreshing (since it looked more anime-ish) compared to the other Gundam series' art, which was usually more serious looking, not that thats a bad thing. The mecha designs were really creative and odd. The odd being the Windmill, Mermaid, and the Horse mobile suits.

Audio (18/25)
The BGMs were pretty good, such as the Hyper Mode theme, God Finger theme, and Sekiha Tenkyouken. The OPs/EDs were pretty good also.

Concept (18/25)
Well, it was the first Gundam series to not use war as the main storyline (it was also the first AU(AU=Alternate Universe)). The Mobile Trace System was an interesting idea since the fighters movements and actions are the mobile suits actions. Hyper Mode was cool too, though it reminded me of turning SSJ.

Overall (73/100) 7.3
Overall this is a great anime for any mecha fan or even someone who is into fighting/action anime. Definitely a must watch.