Full Metal Panic! Review

Story (21/25)
The story is really action packed and exciting. It starts out with SGT. Sagara Sousuke (who works for an anti-terrorist organization) getting assigned to guard Chidori Kaname, a high school girl, from any danger. Now Sousuke has to attend the high school to protect her. He is a war crazed, paranoid, soldier who isn't exactly the best at undercover work. The story will only get better and better from here on.

Visuals (20/25)
The character designs were good and the Arm Slave designs were really cool. The battle scenes were executed perfectly too.

Audio (20/25)
FMP! has a very good variety of tracks, such as happy, sad, mysterious, battle, victory etc.

Concept (20/25)
I thought the story was very good and original. It's the first anime that I've seen that uses war and terrorists, as a story line. I was surprised it turned out this well.

Overall (81/100) 8.1
Overall this is a great anime that can be enjoyed by mecha and non-mecha fans alike. Most people complain about the ending, but those that do should read the manga. It goes past the anime. Also there is a new season of FMP! coming out this year, but it will feature the second manga series which is basically the same thing, but a bit funnier and takes different story paths then the anime.