FLCL Review

Story (24/25)
When most people watch FLCL they think that it is just a "crazy" comedy that makes no sense, or that it has a so called simple plot, but that is not the case. FLCL is an amazing series, with really deep characters and a very cool plot.

Visuals (23/25)
WOW!!! The animation was really clear and sharp. Everything just flowed so naturally. The character desgins were nice too.

Audio (22/25)
The music in FLCL was... GREAT! The Pillows (the band that does the music in FLCL) are an amazing J-Rock group. All of their tracks fit the themes so well.

Concept (24/25)
IMO, FLCL is one of the most original ideas I've seen, simply for the fact that it has references to basically anything. Anime, Manga, Games, Sports, US TV shows etc. you name it, and they've made a parody. There are so many that you can watch the series several times and still be satisfied.

Overall (81/100) 8.1
This is definitely an OVA series that everyone should watch.