Fruits Basket Review

Story (22/25)
The story starts off with Honda Tohru, a young school girl who is now living inside of a tent in the forest (Due to her mother dying in a car accident 3 weeks ago, and her wanting to be independant without having to ask for help.). Little does she know that she is living in the Sohma family forest. She finds out the secrets of the Sohma family when she accidently stumbles upon their house in the middle of the forest. What is the secret you ask? They are cursed by the 12 chinese zodiac. When ever they get hugged by the opposite sex they transform into their animal spirit form. From here the characters all develop greatly and create the best shoujo story EVER.

Visuals (21/25)
The animation was clean and the character designs were really good too (Since they had the features of their zodiac.). What really makes the animation top notch are the backgrounds. They have so much detail.

Audio (19/25)
The OST has the perfect balance of musical theme. It has everything from happy-light hearted music, to mysterious creepy music, to really nice upbeat exciting battle themes.

Concept (23/25)
The concept for Fruits Basket is REALLY original. I have never seen anyone use the 12 zodiac animals before, and never thought that it could be executed as well as it was.

Overall (85/100) 8.5
Overall this is my favorite shoujo series ever. I definitely recommend this to everyone as a must watch, though you should read the manga too, because they ended the anime at around volume 5 of the manga.