Rockman.EXE Review

Story (19/25)
The story is a mixture of parts from the game and new ideas. It is mostly new ideas though. I guess to really enjoy the story and the series as a whole you would have to be a fan of the game(s). Since I am, I thought it was great seeing Rockman do his first program advance, or when he had his first style change.

Visuals (19/25)
The animation is sharp and clear. The characters look identical to their game counterparts. The Navis look amazing, especially when they are in the net battles. Those are done extremely well.

Audio (17/25)
The opening is great and the endings are alright. The BGM's are pretty good, I mean nothing horrible but nothing amazing either. Just average. The battle theme is really good though.

Concept (20/25)
Well the idea of using Net Navis and Net Battles is really original and amazing to me. Also the mechanics of net battles are very interesting. Like how they have the chips that they slot in or the program advances.

Overall (75/100) 7.5
Overall it is great if you are a fan of the games, and decent if you are not.