Dragon Ball Z Review

Story (16/25)
The sagas are mediocre at best. You knew Akira Toriyama was grasping at straws when he started to have the ridiculously high power levels (which was dropped right after the Freeza saga, but the characters still get extremely powerful.). It had some original villains, such as 17 and 18, Cell, and Buu. Story wise though, the Cell Saga was probably the best.

Visuals (18/25)
The art and animation started out really bad, but by the end of the Freeza saga it started to look a little better, and by the Buu saga it looked great.

Audio (15/25)
It had pretty bad music overall. I only remember a couple of decent songs but even then, they're not enough to save the sound track from being poor.

Concept (16/25)
The Saiya-jins, and various power ups/techniques are a good idea, but they are not used right. I mean it is a little ridiculous when Tien can beat up Cell (well to a point...), or when he can actually knock Super Buu back a little bit.

Overall (65/100) 6.5
Dragon Ball Z is better, and worse then Dragon Ball, in some ways. The manga is much better then the anime, as is DB. Overall this is good for people who are new to anime. I at least recommend you to give this a try.