Dragon Ball GT Review

Story (18/25)
All of the sagas in DBGT were great and short. Akira Toriyama only worked on the first 14 or so episodes of this series. He then handed the right over to Toei. Many fans think that DBGT was bad because their precious Akira Toriyama wasn't there, but it was really a great thing in my opinion, that he decided to be a deadbeat and drop his own creation. Because once he leaves a better Dragon Ball series is created. Something that he could never seem to do.

Visuals (18/25)
The art was crisp, clear, and sharp. The new designs for the characters were great and the battles were done extremely well.

Audio (18/25)
Wow, finally a Dragon Ball series with good music. The BGM's really fit the mood and the OPs/EDs were really good too. Some of my favorites are "Blue Velvet" and "Don't You See".

Concept (18/25)
There were tons of original ideas and concepts in this series. The whole thing with Bebii and his powers, 17 fusing with artificial 17 to create Super 17, and the dramatic final battle against Li Shenlong were original and cool.

Overall (72/100) 7.2
This is a very good yet and under rated series. Don't listen to all of those stupid Akira Toriyama fanboys when they say this isn't as good as DB/DBZ. Overall, I would recommend that you watch this series.