Dragon Ball Review

Story (17/25)
The story as you may or may not know started out based off of the chinese legend of the monkey king. It didn't stick to that theme for long though. Akira Toriyama decided to throw in martial arts, chi energy, and dragonballs to give this series a little more excitement.

Visuals (16/25)
For its time it had good art and animation. Most of the character designs were pretty original too. Not nearly as many pallete swaps as in DBZ.

Audio (14/25)
Hah, Most of the music in DB is just AWFUL. The openings/endings weren't that good to begin with but the BGM's were nothing but remixes of the opening.

Concept (17/25)
Dragonball was the first anime(?I think) to have the use of chi blasts mixed in with martial arts. The sagas were pretty original too, such as the Red Ribbon Army Saga, or the Piccolo-Daimou Saga.

Overall (64/100) 6.4
This is a decent anime and great for people who are new to anime. The manga is much better though... Overall I would say at least try it. Especially the Piccolo-Daimou saga.