Name Delita Hyral X Orochi Kusanagi
Face Icon
Position Webmaster, Resource Maker, and Game Programmer Webmaster, Site Designer/Editor, Resource Maker, and Anime Expert
Location Brooklyn, NY NC
Favorite Game Crono Cross, FF Series, Silent Hill, and Ragnarok Online Rockman, RO, SRW, and King of Fighters
Favorite Genre MMORPG, Survival Horror and RPG RPG, Visual Novel, Dating Sim
Currently Playing FFXI, RE Outbreak Phantom Brave and Super Robot Wars Alpha
Favorite Music Genre New Age, Game Soundtracks and Soundscapes J-Pop and J-Rock
Favorite Artist/Band Akira Yamaoka, Moby, Nobuo Uematsu, Thomas Newman, Yuki Kajiura, and Yasunori Mitsuda X Japan/hide, Do As Infinity, Yuki Kajiura(and SEE-SAW), and JAM Project
Favorite Manga I'm not sure 20th Century Boy's, GANTZ, and Monster
Currently Reading Various text books.... HanaKimi
Favorite Anime Inu-Yasha, Hikaru No Go, Outlaw Star, and Scrapped Princess Evangelion, Argento Soma, RahXephon, and Turn A Gundam
Currently Watching Monster Kino's Travels
Current Quote Titan is so cool! Dearka>Yzak>Kira>Athrun>Nichol