Final Fantasy Endless Nova

The game is set in a solar system with the sun in the beginning stages of a super nova. For some reason it will not explode andyears go by with people forgetting about the danger. A war over 400 years ago left a once mighty nation in ruins. For decades the people of this nation wander aimlessly on the planet Coyas not able to form a new civilization. After an unknown scientist discovers space travel and a way to make asteroids habitable people of the fallen nation migrate to space. This is the begining of the mighty asteroid colony Finel Capital. Eventually people discover that their is a limit to space travel since an impenetrable asteroid/debris dome surrounds the solar system thus the name Hells Dome is given.

-General Information-
-Several characters each with their own unique abilities
-Detailed Wisdom system used to gain white and black magic spells
-Statistics system allows for planned character growth and gets rid of experience points
-Over 100 original battle animations
-Twelve plus hours of gameplay which changes based on side quest and mini games
-CMS with a working timer and a change window color option
-Many mini games including a working arcade and casino
-Many secrets and side quest to discover
-About 300 maps to explore
-Deep strategy based combat
-Detailed trade system which allows you to gain rare items

-If it is a corrupt .zip file, then redownload the game.

-If it is missing any files, then redownload the game.

Any e-mails sent asking for help on how to get the game working will be ignored from now on. ~Orochi Kusanagi

All properties of "Final Fantasy" are the copyrights of Square Soft.Endless Nova is just a profitless fan game. However all original partsof Endless Nova belongs to their creator.